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Sepsis, And How Your Local Hospital Scores

by bill - 2022-04-14 02:09:40 ( in life, health, healthcare) [php version] rebuild

A good tool to see how well your local hospitals rate as far as MRSA/sepsis-caused deaths is this CMS government website. To make it more readable, you can narrow down the columns to just Hospital Name and the Payment Reduced column on the far right. In that column, Yes is bad. In the other columns, the lower the number, the better, so negative is better than positive. Our much-vaunted Vanderbilt University hospital in Nashville is among the worst on the MRSA score, if I'm reading this right, but not their overall score. Williamson Medical Center, the closest full-size hospital to me, rates well. Even Southern Hills (a.k.a. "Suffering Hills", where my wife and I met years ago) looks safe these days. So, make sure, if you are ever hospitalized to avoid the ones with the highest positive number.

Here's the article about sepsis being the actual cause of death most of the time, where I got the above link:

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