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Red Wine Molecule Aborts Covid-19 Infection Before Symptoms Or Antibodies Arise

by admin - 2022-01-03 ( life / health / covid )

"Due To Prior Exposure To Coronaviruses, Healthcare Workers Found To Exhibit Immunity BEFORE Antibodies Or Symptoms Can Occur. Red Wine Molecule Resveratrol Promotes A Type Of T-Cell That Literally Aborts Infection And Symptoms Typically Seen In These Workers. A remarkable discovery.....

This was demonstrated by direct instillation of resveratrol in a lab dish two years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic! Researchers stated: 'Resveratrol remarkably inhibits coronavirus nucleocapsid N-protein translation.' While this was only demonstrated at high-dose resveratrol concentration, repeat administration of resveratrol lowered the dose required to produce a virus-killing effect."

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