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Big Time Wrestling

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People might not realize that it takes great skill and strength to perform what they do. ________________________________


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Subject: Re: Big Time Wrestling I think I remembered his name, something like "Righteous Ron" On Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 02:45:26 PM PDT, wrote: Interesting Thanks ________________________________


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Subject: Big Time Wrestling There's a professional wrestler at church and I chatted with him today. "Are the matches choreographed?" Kind of but not totally. the ref has a microphone and kind of does the choreographing as the match goes on. he caters to the crowd to get them to react. maybe one person is to do great and beat up some bad guy but maybe the bad guy is to do something underhanded to get the crowd to hate the bad guy even more. "Do the decide who will get the championship belt?" They like to give it to the "work horses" who work well for the industry. They aren't likely to give it to somebody who will quit after getting it and saving it as a souvenir. I don't remember the guy's professional name. It's something religious. He just got back from Nashville, wrestling there for a week.

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