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Scientists May Have Detected New Unknown Structure Deep In The Earth's Core

by bill - 2021-03-24 20:07:59 ( in education, science, geology) [php version] rebuild (1452)

"We've all been taught the same thing in school: the earth is made up of four layers – the crust, the mantle, the inner core, and the outer core. We've known this all along, and we probably haven't given it much thought the moment we left school.

In reality, the ground beneath us tells of tales before man walked the earth. It's filled with stories of history and of how the world came to be. We may have studied the earth for years, but so much has yet to be discovered. We've only scratched the layer of our home's history.

In the study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, researchers have actually found new evidence for further stories deep within the earth's core. This could give us a better glimpse on the window to our past. While we assumed that the layer ended with the inner core, it seems as if our planet has another even deeper core within...."

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