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Jupiter, I Think

( education / science / astronomy )
Last night, there was a huge star to the southwest of me (in middle Tennessee) just after dark. It was so big, I first thought it was a plane or jet, but it never moved. Then I had a hunch it might be Jupiter, and this page seems to indicate it was. I don't ... read more

Two Scientists Explain The Odd Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Entire Universe

( education / science / astronomy / biology )
Cool!"A research duo made up of an astrophysicist from the University of Bologna and a neurosurgeon from the University of Verona have joined forces to share their claims that the...Two Scientists Explain The Odd Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Entire Universe..." Read the res... read more

One Indonesian Man Manages To Stop Drought, Bring Fortune To Village By Planting 11,000 Trees

( education / science / trees )
A rural countryside in Indonesia has one man to thank for saving their drought-prone village. 65-year old Pak Sadiman is a local farmer and father of two who lives in...One Indonesian Man Manages To Stop Drought And Bring Fortune To His Village By Planting 11,000 Trees... ... read more

A Volcano In Iceland Furiously Erupted After Thousands Of Small Earthquakes In The Area

( education / science / geology )
Residents near and around the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, were privy to a violent volcanic eruption that took place last Friday evening, March 19. A giant red cloud managed to...A Volcano In Iceland Furiously Erupted After Thousands Of Small Earthquakes In The Area... ... read more

Scientists May Have Detected New Unknown Structure Deep In The Earth's Core

( education / science / geology )
We've all been taught the same thing in school: the earth is made up of four layers: the crust, mantle, inner and outer cores.... ... read more

Physicists Discover New Subatomic Particles That May Bring In New Ideas For The Laws Of Nature

( education / science / physics )
It may now be the time to cheer and give a large shoutout to all the physicists who have worked tirelessly to discover more about the laws of nature. CERN...Physicists Discover New Subatomic Particles That May Bring In New Ideas For The Laws Of Nature ... ... read more

Humanity Is In Control Of Majority Of The Earth's Freshwater, And It's A Daunting Thought

( education / science / water )
In what many believe is an incredibly surprising fact, something has shifted in the natural world, and in an almost unimaginable scale at that. And what that is, is the...Humanity Is In Control Of Majority Of The Earths Freshwater, And Its A Daunting Thought appeared first... ... read more

Adorable Echidnas Are Doing Their Part To Fight Climate Change Without Realizing It

( education / science / zoology )
"Australian echidnas are one of the only two types of mammals that lay eggs for babies, and despite their spiky appearance, they're rather adorable. "Thankfully, the native Australian echidna has become part of the solution because of its very own animal instincts. This particular animal l... read more

Meteorite Hits Family Driveway. They Thought It Was Charcoal From Grill.

( education / science / astronomy )
An English family has been astounded to find themselves at the center of a major scientific discovery that's had scientists weak at the kneesas their driveway has been hit by the most valuable space rock ever to fall on Britain. In late February, in the home she... ... read more

To The Moon? Genetic Material From 6.7 Million Earth Species

( education / science / zoology )
Extinction insurance for planet earth is envisioned by sending sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million species to the moon for safekeeping. How could earth species be destroyed to require a backup? Genetic modification gone... ... read more

A New 'Super Earth' Has Been Discovered Near One Of Our Galaxy's Oldest Stars

( education / science / astronomy )
A hot, rocky super Earth, near one of the oldest stars in the galaxy has taken a team of planet-hunting scientists by surprise. The planet is about 50 percent larger than Earth but requires less than half a day to orbit its star. For every day youre on Earth,... ... read more

Wind Power At Its Finest -- Empire State And Other Buildings Are Now Powered By Wind

( education / science / energy )
The world just got greener. The Empire State Building, New York's legendary building and the citys number one tourist attraction is now powered by wind. The structure flickered back to life...Wind Power At Its Finest Empire State And Other Buildings Are Now... ... read more

Scientists Are Rethinking Animal Cognition As More Evolutionary Behaviors Emerge

( education / science / zoology )
"Humans have always considered ourselves much different animals, and we look at our apparent superior intellect, analytical mind, self-awareness, and expanded consciousness as the dividing line between us and them. Primates for example, have always been considered our closest cousins, and while... read more

Whoops, Humans Made A Space Barrier Around Earth

( education / science / astronomy )
I just found this article while researching the Van Allen belts."The kicker? It's actually saving us.Forget the Karman line, there's a human-made space barrier to wonder about, first observed by NASA in 2017. The mysterious zone of anthropogenic space weather is caused by specific kinds of radi... read more

The Healthy Human Microbiome

( education / science / biology )
"Researchers have mapped the normal bacteria that live in and on the healthy human body. The accomplishment sets the stage for better understanding how bacterial communities affect human health and disease... The scientists found that more than 10,000 microbial species occupy the human body. Th... read more

NIH Human Microbiome Project Defines Normal Bacterial Makeup Of The Body

( education / science / biology )
"HMP researchers also reported that this plethora of microbes contribute more genes responsible for human survival than humans contribute. Where the human genome carries some 22,000 protein-coding genes, researchers estimate that the human microbiome contributes some 8 million unique protein-co ... read more

The Nasal Cavity Microbiota Of Healthy Adults

( education / science / biology )
"Bacterial communities play important roles in the health of their hosts, including roles in immune system development1, nutrition2, and resistance to infection3."Go to ... read more

21st Century Nikola Tesla: Maxwell Chikumbutso

( education / science / energy )
"Maxwell Chikumbutso's Game-Changing Free Energy Device shows that when Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble released the 2011 documentary Thrive..."... read more

Arthur C. Clarke Quote

( culture / quotes / science )
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- Arthur C. Clarke ... read more

Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

( education / science / physics )
A team of University of Arkansas physicists has successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene's thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current.Go to read more

Sunlight Can Turn Seawater Into Clean Drinking Water In Minutes

( education / science / water )
"Australia-based researchers used a metal-organic framework (MOF), a type of lattice-like crystal, to desalinate water with..."Go to Seawater-clean-drinking-water-30-minutes-using-power-sunlight.html... read more

Earth's Nearest DWarf Planet Ceres Is A 'Waterworld' That Harbours A Salty Ocean

( education / science / astronomy )
The reservoir on the minor planet, which orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter, lies beneath a 20 million year old crater known as Occator - and could harbour...Go to read more

Stellar Explosions Created Calcium Found In Our Teeth And Bones

( education / science / astronomy / biology )
"Rare stellar explosions, called 'calcium-rich supernovae,' produced half of the universe's calcium and what is found in our teeth and bones, as it can create massive amounts in just..."Go to Stellar-explosions-created-calcium-teeth-bones-study-reveals.html ... read more

Boiling Water

( education / science / water )
A 26-year old man decided to have a cup of coffee. He took a cup of water and put it in the microwave to heat it up (something that he had done numerous times before). I am not sure how long he set the timer for, but he wanted to bring the water to a boil. When the timer shut the oven off, he remove... read more

Children Prefer Storybooks That Explain Why And How Things Happen

( education / science / research / stories )
Go to "Children have a never-ending curiosity about the world around them and frequently question how and why it works the way it does. Researchers have previously demonstrated that children are interested in causal information, but had not yet linked this to a real-world acti... read more

Planet 9 Next? Hundreds Of Minor Planets Found Beyond Neptune In Our Solar System

( education / science / astronomy )
Researchers have successfully identified 316 minor planets beyond Neptune, 139 of which are completely new, in a discovery which could bring us... read more

Dolphins Speak In Holographic Language

( education / science / zoology / language )
Very cool! scientists-reveal-that-dolphins-speak-in-a-holographic-language/UPDATE: The commenters are mostly unconvinced.... read more

Possible Cure For Hair Loss

( education / science / research )
There may be hope yet! See"Inhibiting a family of enzymes inside hair follicles that are suspended in a resting state restores hair growth, a new study has found. In experiments with mouse and human hair follicles, researchers found that drugs that inhibit the Janus kinase (JAK... read more

Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter

( education / science )
"A lot of students say things like, 'I didn't know science was fun,' said Samantha Gizerian, now a clinical assistant professor at Washington State University."Go to Refreshing News: Exposing Kids To 10 Hours Of Science A Year Makes Them Smarter.... read more


( education / science )
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