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Find A Spring

by don - 2022-06-21 21:05:18 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

found this too

If you see water flowing in follow it and youll find spring. Make sure

though that it does not rain for the last 24 hours. A week without rain

is better

*How to INSTALL YOUR OWN WELL with a Sledge Hammer for FREE OFF GRID

WATER* (7:50)

Drill a WELL in YOUR BACKYARD YOURSELF in a day with basic

tools. Step by step of how I did it & you can too . FREE

water for lawns, gardening, household use & more. You will

not believe how easily this can be done & low cost.

All Parts & Tools:

Well Parts:

Sand Point:

Pitcher Pump:

Well Couplers:

Hammer Smash Cap:

Pipe 4 foot: (5 pack) or can be

bought locally

Well Tools:

Megaloc Pipe Dope:

Monster Pipe Tape:

Pipe Wrench:

Post Hole Digger:

Before you dig be sure to call dig safe or your local

authority to mark out any lines or other potential hazards

that could be underground.

On 6/21/22 06:52 wrote:

list of water springs

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