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Obama Attacks Jewish Money, Power in New Memoir

by bill - 2020-11-20 ( education / news / politics )

Obama's tough-on-Israel stance was quite possibly his only policy I agreed with.

Read the rest here Obama's new book

"Barack Obama's presidential memoir A Promise Land hit store shelves this week. The book, which portends to be an intimate look into his eight year presidency, joins Jimmy Carter in denouncing the Jewish lobby and the power of Israel over the American government."

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The group that Cathy O'Brien exposed (Bushes, Clintons, Romneys, WV Sen. Robert Byrd, VT Sen. Patrick Leahy, Dick Cheney) didn't like Israel. Probably why there were no Jews in the group. Of course, the Bush family funded the Nazis, and Byrd was formerly KKK. ABC anchor Peter Jennings privately hated Israel. Back then this group associated with Skull & Bones was much more aligned with the Republicans than Democrats, but the Clintons reversed that starting in '92. If you wonder why so many Dems act like Nazis, that's probably why. - anonymous, 2020-11-20 12:46:16
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