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Sumptuous Opportunity Is Promptly Uncovered

by bill - 2021-05-02 15:34:48 ( in culture, humor, internet, spam) [php version] rebuild

[Updated: 2021-05-11 15:39:18]

I am so excited! Sounds sumptuous!

Received this email the other day from Iris Holets at I'm sure that is an actual person and address. People don't lie about these things, but I'm concerned. They're asking "homemakers" to be "package" managers. What exactly does that mean? In-home prostitution? Unwitting middleman for drugs and explosives delivery? What? See below:

We have an thrilling career possibility in the available job of Package Manager in our developing logistics enterprise. We offer a very generous beginning remuneration with other perks. We will also instruct you so that you be effective in your new post. ['you be'?] We got your contact information from CareerBuilder and believe with your expertise, you'd be a essential inclusion to our staff. Simply send an answer to this email and someone from our company will contact you. Ignore this email if not interested.

Post Title: Package Manager; Salary: $1000/week

Abovementioned job is designed exceptionally to homemakers. If you are might continuously at home between 9am and to 5pm, aforementioned appointment is in your best interests. You are going to have to proceed with bundles. [huh?]

You shall carry on to register batches, repack ones & send them to the finish destination. [I prefer the term finish line, but that's just me.] This working position is very simple & it is completely consigned for homemakers, aged & alike who otherwise deal inside their living place or are at housing in day hours. There must be no heavyweight batches. Most parcels have games & clothing. [with the occasional drugs and firearms, of course. another version said "Most bundles have flivvers & dresses." what's a flivver?]

Entire employment-related expenditures are on us. To deal for our partnership you must possess a computer with online access, a telephone & printing capability. The total sum of cash you can be gaining depends on the output of consignment you will be treating. During the trial days our workers are able to make up to $800/week. [Wow, I haven't made that kinda money since I waited tables!]

If you are interested, please contact us via email. P.S. To be able to work, all you must to make is to be home in between 9am and 5pm. If you can't fulfill this condition, this working position is not for you.

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