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My Own Genealogy

by bill - 2020-03-22 17:00:00 ( in family, genealogy, holmes) [php version] rebuild

[Updated: 2022-12-06 10:13:03]

Got my genealogy DNA test results back. I have bits from all over the world:

  • 1% E.Central Africa
  • 1% Native American (Chile)
  • 5% Middle Eastern
  • 91% Europe (Portuguese, Flemish, German, Hungarian, Slovak)

That leaves 2%, which I'm guessing is from the extra-terrestrial branch of the family tree.

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    Don mentioned something about the Africa connection, mentioning that he'd seen tiny curly black hairs on his head. We knew of the Chile part. 5% middle eastern makes sense, given the location of Portugal. 2% extra-terrrestrial? Well, more likely Neanderthal. Anyhow, China appreciates you giving them your data to be better able to create a bioweapon for you (and us)

- real, 2023-10-08 19:17:38

    Not real worried about people knowing what parts of the world my ancestors are from. If they cared at all, they knew that already, anyway.

- bill, 2023-10-14 19:38:35

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