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The British Pilgrims Have Taken Over America

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I haven't watched it, but check out the text here.

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The British Pilgrims Have

Taken Over America

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McKibben and his researchers at Americans4Innovation have identified who has taken over the US, how they did it and he joins Duglas Gabriel at AIM4Truth name names. He says the coup is being managed by DLA Piper, which, as the law firm for the Pilgrim's Society and the Prince's Trust, is the most Deep State of all law firms. Until a couple of months ago, DLA Piper was also the employer of America's first Second Gentleman of the United Stateslas Emhoff, who stepped down from his position there just prior to Kamala Harris' inauguration to avoid conflict-of-interest concerns.

The official documents they've found show that Kamala Harris is a British Commonwealth citizen and they believe there's every indication that she's an agent of the Crown. Gabriel claims that Harris is in an arranged marriage with Emhoff, which gives her a direct line of communication to the Queen of England and McKibben agrees, saying that what the British failed to do with the War of 1812, when thy sacked the White House and burned it down, they've now achieved through Kamala Harris, who's being shoehorned into the White House, despite being very unpopular, having bowed out of the Democratic Primary race in December of 2019, with only 3% of the votes.

DLA Piper's former Chairman, Nigel Knowles is the son of the former Vice-Admiral of the Royal Air Force, who was at the forefront of the formation of the Five Eyes alliance, which essentially enabled British Intelligence to subsume all of the American (and Canadian, Australian and New Zealand) intelligence agencies. Knowles' great-grandfather was an associate of Cecil Rhodes and a founder of the Metaphysical Society, whose members included Lord Alfred Tennyson, T. H. Huxley and Arthur Balfour and which McKibben believes is at the core of the Satanism of this group, widely known as the New World Order but which is actually the Pilgrims Society.

Globalism, Internationalism and anti-Americanism are all exponents of the Pilgrims Society, whose members also sit on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), attend Bilderberger meetings, go to Bohemian Grove and to the World Economic Forum at Davos. These are people like Henry Kissinger, who recently passed his baton to Klaus Schwab.

Klaus Schwab had never had a job but he had received several Master degrees and PhDs before he went to Harvard to receive his MBA. It was there that he met Henry Kissinger and Kenneth Galbraith. Upon graduation in 1971, he founded the World Economic Forum and he's been heading it up ever since. George Soros, who has overseen coups d'=E9tats (or attempts) in 14 different countries and is wanted in several of them for crimes against humanity is considered to be the WEF's number one member.

Gabriel says, "They believe they have usurped the United Nations banking organizations, the World Trade Organization, the IMF -- all of them -- they believe that their Reset is supposed to erase the work of the United Nations so that they will not have to give out any of their time or energy or money to the pesky United Nations people, who are all Brits and Pilgrims Society members, all through-and-through...soaking the money from America to create this Globalist organization that is totally anti-American. It might as well say 'Home of Communism' on the side of the building."

Gabriel claims that the Pilgrims Society controls all ambassadors to all countries and their dinners use the same Chatham House Rules used by the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which provides that attendees of meetings may discuss the content of the meeting in the outside world, but may not discuss who attended or identify what a specific individual said.

"Nigel Knowles, who's the controller of Emhoff, who's the controller of Kamala Harris, who's the controller of Joe Biden -- and so, we find that the controls fall right back into the lap of -- literally -- the Queen; the Privy Council and her child [Prince Charles]. And the Pilgrims Society. All of these people will bow down and take their 'Sirs' and their knighthoods and their aristocracy and their names and their landed gentry from a monarchy that should have no power because it's based on the sheer insanity of the Dark Ages.

"So, why should we give our credence to the Queen? Why does the Queen get a piece of the pie first? Why do the Crown Agents get every single deal, no-bid contract before anybody else does? With OPEC or with USAID or with anything? Why? Because it all goes back to Britain. Britain is still taxing us for everything and unfortunately, Lord Mark Malloch Brown, through SGO Smartmatic, through the elections, so that, right in front of our eyes, we get to see hundreds of not thousands of people commit federal crimes to support a conspiracy against the election of our duly-elected Presidentald J Trump, who as far as I'm concerned is our President, because I haven't seen Joe Biden do anything yet...

"We might as well say Nigel Knowles is running the White House...You can now see these names pop up over and over and know who they are."

McKibben interjects, "We're talking about the people who knocked down the World Trade towers, who started the Vietnam War, we're talking about the people who fomented World War One, World War Two, Rwanda, Cambodia -- these are the same people"

Running Time: 55 mins

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