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Vets and Doctors

by bill - 2010-08-19 ( life / health )

I took Chandler to the vet this morning to get his teeth cleaned. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's actually very important, just like with humans. Anyway, because of road construction and morning rush-hour, it took forever to get there. The vet eventually called Tara a few hours later and gave her an update: the cleaning went well, Chandler's fine, but while they had him knocked out they suctioned out his ears, making them cleaner than ever! Suctioned out his ears? You're saying, "WTF?!" I'm hoping it will make him hear again. Poor old dog seems to be going deaf. Probably because we haven't kept up on his ear cleaning. They have a tendency to get heavy wax build-up.

Teeth cleaning, ear cleaning! What's next, eyebrows? Bikini wax? Liposuction? I've tried to comb out the hair he's shedding lately on his hind quarters, at least. That and the occasional bath should be enough. Then again, he is my best puppy. The Chan Man. The Big Dog. The ... actually, the nicknames go on forever. I'll spare you.

I had a doctor's appointment myself. A follow-up after the biopsy. Apparently, I'm going to live, after all!

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