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Missing Cat Returns

by Jinx - 2010-10-08 ( family / pets )

Good news from best friends Julie and Bert in Las Vegas. One of their cats, Tobie, went missing this past January. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and one day just disappeared. Needless to say, they were heartbroken and spent many hours/days posting fliers, contacting neighbors and shelters, etc. Nothing. But no one gave up hope.

Last night, Tobie came home!!!!! Isn't that amazing!?! He just appeared in the back yard and let Julie pick him up and bring him into the house. He settled right in like he had never been gone!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

We wish he could tell us the story of what has happened in the past 9 months, but I guess we're left to speculate.

In these days of doom and gloom, I thought everyone might like this heartwarming story.

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A great story. Welcome home Tobie! I know a lady with a cat (interestingly, named "Lazarus") who disappeared several times for periods of 9 months to a year and half. He is now an aged and content inside-only cat. - Diane, 2010-10-08 03:03:07
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