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Executive Orders are Not Laws

by bill - 2021-02-11 ( life / travel / airlines )

Legally, they apply ONLY to that "executive's" employees and any property under their legally-limited purview. Here's an open letter to all airlines...

I thought I would educate you on the "federal law" you cite as justification for your mask policy.

"Are Executive Orders Law? The Short Answer: No, they are not in and of themselves law. The Middle Answer: Executive Orders may carry the "weight of law," but only insofar as...
1. They're directed to a department or other government entity under the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States of America; and, [emphasis mine]
2. The orders themselves DO NOT VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION itself or any local, state, or federal statute which lawfully derives its authority from the Constitution."

I am sure this will fall on deaf ears, but I will not be using your airline unless/until you rescind your ridiculous mask mandate.

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