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[S]ELECTION CODE (2022) - Full Film

by doug - 2022-08-22 13:06:42 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

Just watched a brand new documentary about a Colorado elected official's discovery of massive election fraud in 2020 and again in 2021

She spoke up and was hammered and jailed by the utterly corrupt Dem machine.

Anyone dumb enough to think they don't plan to repeat it in 2022?

Very interesting.


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Dear ,

The much-awaited [S]ELECTION CODE film has just dropped!

[S]ELECTION CODE follows the story of Tina Peters the County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, who made a backup of her county's Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election... and also the 2020 general election. Tina's discovery ignites a chain reaction, upending her life. And upending the world.

You will not be able to unsee what you see.

We stand at a juncture in human history. Are we handing too much power to technology -- and those that program it?

[S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller uncovering a secret so critical to the survival of America it transcends political parties. It is not about correcting the past. It's about correcting the future.

Once you see [S]ELECTION CODE you'll never again let a machine near your vote.

Running Time: 61 min

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