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Tolstoy Quote

( culture / quotes / people )
People try to do all sorts of clever and difficult things to improve life instead of doing the simplest, easiest thing -- refusing to participate in activities that make life bad. -- Leo... read more

Cancel Culture Comes South

( education / news / rss )
These violent times in which we live are in some ways unparalleled. For Southerners we have seen monuments memorializing and honoring our past heroes and historymonuments and symbols which have stood for a centurytorn down and smashed by frenzied mobs, ... read more

My YouTube Channel

( culture / movies-tv )
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, youtube.com/user/holmes3804. It's free, and maybe someday I will reach their 1,000 subscribers threshhold so I can monetize it and make a few buck... read more

The Freewrite Device For Distraction-free Writing

( culture / writing / advice )
Article about it here, and the manufacturer's website here... read more

Bristol University To Police 'diet Culture & Fatphobia' Language In Sports After Students' Union Denounces 'burning Calories

( education / news / rss )
Telling students at the gym to put effort into burning calories may soon be a banned approach at Bristol University. Its students union thinks this language promotes a thin privilege and causes eating disorders. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

A Survivor Of Chinese Communism Has A Warning For SJW's And Cancel Culture Mobs

( education / news / rss )
Dylan Charles - Today's 'cancel culture' is nothing new. China had SJW's, but they were called Red Guards. ... read more

United Airlines Gate Agent

( culture / humor / jokes / airlines )
An award should go to the gate agent in Denver for being smart and funny, while making her point, when confronted with a passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo. A crowded United Airlines flight was canceled. A single agent was ebooking a long line of inconvenienced travelers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. ... read more

Paul Joseph Watson: Cancel Culture, Salem Witch Trials And The Dark Triad

( education / news / rss )
With recent studies showing that virtue signalling and cancel culture behavior are actually signs of the Dark Triad of personality: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy, Paul Joseph Watson takes a look back at the events of the Salem Witch Trials to help ... read more

'Save The American Dream': Trump Denounces Riots, Cancel Culture, 'failed Political Class' In Defiant RNC Speech

( education / news / rss )
Speaking at the finale of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump doubled down on American exceptionalism and once again painted himself as an outsider fighting the Democrats and the entrenched establishment. The speech went on for over an ... read more

No Cooperation Allowed? Twitter Suspends Cancel Culture Prof's 'Articles Of Unity' Call For Bipartisanship & BLOCKS Website

( education / news / rss )
Unity 2020, a campaign launched by 'canceled' Evergreen College Professor Bret Weinstein to join the disaffected left and right to 'fix' US democracy, has been yanked from Twitter and had its website banned. Read Full Article at RT.com ... read more

Einstein Quotes

( culture / quotes )
Our task as humans must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all humanity and the whole of nature in its beauty. Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth. -- Albert Einstein Others talking about Einstein: ... read more

The Purpose Of Communist Propaganda

( culture / quotes / conspiracies )
The purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose ... read more

Kentucky Derby (2020)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
via drf.com/news/kentucky-derby-whos-hot-whos-not-aug-5-2020see Kentucky Derby 2020 Thousand Words upset Honor A. P. in ... read more

Transportation Jokes

( culture / humor / jokes )
New Los Angeles Driver's Exam For those not fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles, here is a copy of the Los Angeles Driver's Exam. For those of you who are, study real hard. This is a new exam. Since driving conditions (and culture) are unique in Los Angeles, you may not have realized that the California Department of Motor Vehicle... read more

Humorous Quotes, Page 2

( culture / humor / quotes )
Some Thoughts On Life Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree. There is always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt. Reason to smile: Every seven minutes of every day, someone in an aerobics class pul... read more

Humorous Quotes, Page 3

( culture / humor / quotes )
Somethin' to think about Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun. How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on. I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them. If ignorance is bliss, why ... read more

Free Ebooks

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Two of my ebooks are available free of charge all month (July) at Smashwords. The links are at the bottom of that page. I've already sold five copies since yesterday as opposed to five copies over the past year. I guess the price is finally right. :) ... read more

Being Bamboozled

( culture / quotes )
This is great. Pretty similar to one by Mark Twain, actually, but I am adding it here, anyway: One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we have been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We are no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamb... read more

Cassette Tape Converted To MP3

( culture / music / tech )
Cool! I am getting one of these. I am including an affiliate link here. This sounds like a scam post, but I really am going to buy this!... read more

Emissions Test

( culture / humor / auto )
A mostly one-way text conversation I had with my wife, Tara, yesterday while she worked and I tried to get her car emissi... read more

Belmont Stakes To Be Run First In Triple Crown This Year

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Go to BelmontStakes.com. These are the entrants. Still ... read more

Movies And TV Shows Filmed In Budapest

( culture / movies-tv )
This might be useful for research Love and Death Etoile Music Box ... read more

The Good Old Days

( culture / writing / blog / shopping )
Ah, the good ol' days when the shelves were full! Click the image.... read more

More Advice For Writers

( culture / writing / advice )
It doesn't have to be great, but it DOES have to be FINISHED. -- William Arthur Holmes UPDATE: ...and then I saw where Lee Child had a similar but better quote: Don't get it right, get it written!... read more

Music By An Old Friend

( culture / music )
Terry Dan Click here for YouTube or here for Facebook.... read more

Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty...

( culture / quotes )
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -- Benjamin Franklin... read more

Political Compass Test

( culture / writing / politics )
via politicalcompass.org Welcome! It's timely to stress that The Political Compass has been on the internet since 2001. The uniqueness of our take on politics is reflected in the gratifyingly enthusiastic reviews we've enjoyed in the national media of many count... read more

Thoughts On Writing

( culture / writing / advice )
Louis L'Amour once said he could write while sitting in the middle of the freeway. That didn't impress me at the time, but now it does. Not one, but two dogs threw up behind me as I wrote. Was that a commentary on my writing? Wouldn't be the first time. As I told these guys in the job interview, If you're wondering wh... read more

Thought For Today

( culture / quotes / health / conspiracies )
It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled! -- Mark Twain ... read more

Humor Amid Official Overreaction

( culture / humor / jokes )
via washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/155765/ Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem. I used to spin that toilet paper like ... read more

Mangled English

( culture / humor / language / english )
This is pretty old, from the old newsletter in 1992, when the Soviet Union still existed, but it's still funny How English is Being Used in Different Parts of the World IN A TOKYO HOTEL: Is forbitten to steal hotel towels please. If you are not person to do such thing please n... read more

Bandanna Fashion

( culture / humor / fashion )
Nobody bats an eye now when I walk into a bank or store with a bandanna wrapped across my face. Of course, the gun is still a sure giveaway.... read more

Rumi Quote

( culture / quotes )
Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form -- Rumi I happen to think there is nothing wrong with grieving. In fact, it is required. But I know what he's saying. -- Ed.... read more

Kentucky Derby Postponed

( culture / sports / horseracing )
This is a first, as far as we know. No, we didn't research it. We don't do a lot of research here. :) Anyway... The 146th Kentucky Derby will be rescheduled from May 2, 2020 to September 5, 2020. See ... read more

All Quotes

( culture / quotes )
When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad; and that is my religion. -- Abraham Lincoln We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks ... read more

The Lazy Pug Cafe

( culture / writing / books / novels )
My latest short story, based on our real life pugs Daisy, Chandler and Joey, the latter of whom is the only one still alive and barking. See amazon.com/dp/B085XM6QW8As recently as a few months ago, the Lazy Pug Café was nothing more than a dilapidated... read more

Music By A Nephew (and Friends)

( culture / music )
Thomas and friends, a.k.a. OnSol are on Facebook, YouTube, BandMix, ReverbNat... read more

10 TV Series With Conscious Themes -- If You're Looking For Something Good

( culture / movies-tv )
via collective-evolution.com As the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, former Head of Content for GAIAMTV (Gaia), and now Founder and CEO of Conscious... read more

Music By A Brother

( culture / music )
Music by one of my brothers: 'Til the Morning Comes ... read more

Review My Books

( culture / writing / books / novels )
If you've read any of my novels, please give them a review on Amazon (click the book's image, below or on the right, then click the Write a Customer Review button on its Amazon page, to the left), on Apple Books, ... read more

Ronica's Maple Roasted Chicken

( culture / food / recipes )
Ronica's Maple Roasted Chicken4 large skinless chicken thighs or breasts 3 potatoes cut into chunks 1 medium onion cut into small pieces 1 bag baby carrots ¼ cup maple syrup 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper Combine all ingredients in roasting pan and toss to coat. Cook 40-4 ... read more

Good Article About Storytelling

( culture / writing / stories )
via the-good-guy-bad-guy-myth Pop culture today is obsessed with the battle between good and evil. Traditional folktales never were. What changed?... read more

US Department Of Transportation To Ban Dog Breed Discrimination On Airlines

( culture / writing / blog / pets )
The regulation is set to put an end to airlines discriminating against service dogs based on their appearance or breed--particularly pit bulls. via goodnewsnetwork... read more

NFL Conference Championship Games

( culture / sports / football )
For the first time ever, I actually like all four of the teams left on the road to the Super Bowl: Titans v. Chiefs - Sunday at 3:05 PM EST; and, Packers v. 49ers - Sunday at 6:40 PM EST. The Titans are my current team (since I live near Nashville); I have always liked the Chiefs and Packers, for some reason; and the 49ers used to be my team when... read more

Best Fiction Of 2019 Goodreads

( culture / writing / books / novels )
via Best Fiction Books 2019 ... read more

No Annoying Prompts

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
Aren't you glad we don't have any of those annoying pop-up ads asking you to join our newsletter? Ironic, isn't it, given that we are an online newsletter?... read more

Best And Worst Self-Publishing Sites

( culture / writing / advice )
Good site showing who to trust (or not) when it comes to self-publishing: self-publishing-service-reviews... read more

Latest Deep Thought

( culture / quotes )
One way or another in our own inimitable way, we all do to others what was done to us. -- William Arthur Holmes Wow, that was deep -- William's internal critic... read more

Free Vector Graphics Editor

( culture / writing / blog )
Could be useful. See (this one's for Windows, but there's a version for Mac and Linux, too) inkscape.org... read more

USMNT Fan-Preferred Roster

( culture / sports / soccer )
Who do you want playing right now for the US Men's national soccer team (assuming everyone's available) for a hypothetical must-win game? VOTE HERE I like this lineup, here. ... read more

Most Popular Site On The Internet

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
This is the 12,157,539th most popular website in the world, according to silktide.com! Wow! We have hit the big time. See image here: ... read more

How To Support This Website

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
...should you be so inclined: Buy one of my books at Amazon or SmashWords, or Buy me a (virtual) cup of coffee... read more

Joke Images

( culture / humor / jokes )
All joke images on this siteAll joke images... read more

Get Into Farming

( culture / humor / jokes )
Some bad language, but funny. Get Into Farming... read more

Random Observations

( culture / humor / blog )
Miscellaneous Had alarm set for 4:15a.m., but the trash collectors in the alley behind my hotel thought 3:30 would be better. At the airport, I was busted for trying to sneak contraband mouthwash and sweet tea through security OK how are you supposed to cut a mango? No idea. How's this for a great... read more

History Of Friendsnews.com

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
FYI for those researching insignificant corners of the web: Wayback Machine... read more

All Of My Books

( culture / writing / books / novels )
See Novels/Novellas Featured book deals on Smashwords... read more

Memes About Memes

( culture / humor / internet )
A couple of good ones. one two... read more

British Problems

( culture / humor )
Stumbled upon this and thought I'd share. Here's a sample... Look, buddy, I get it . You have a Ferrari and you wanna go fast like Ricky Bobby but maybe central fcking London isn't ... read more

Knots By Anna Nalick

( culture / music )
Wow, great vocals. My current favorite UPDATE: ... read more

Derby This Saturday

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Here are my picks for Saturday's Kentucky Derby: WIN - Cutting Humor (because I have that); PLACE - Country House (because I want that); and SHOW - War of Will (because I'm going through that with our daughter).... read more

Restroom Difficulty

( culture / humor / employment )
Don't you hate it when you're at work? The end. Wait, that's not the end. You're at work -- on the bottom floor, because that's where the snack machine is -- and you decide to use the restroom. The cleaning lady is in there, with her cart blocking the door. So, you take the stairs back to your floor, the sixth, b... read more

Mongolian Throat Singing

( culture / music )
This (Wolf Totem by The HU) is wild. Surprisingly catchy... and a little bit scary. My daughter says it sounds like it's from a horror mov... read more

Leaving Zazzle

( culture / crafts )
Here's my goodbye letter to Zazzle. Yes, it's awfully bitter and conspiracy theory-ish, but I was upset. :) Your new policy sucks, big time. And when I tried to create something new before the deadline after which they start charging monthly fees, it was so freaking difficult to post it for sale, I gave up. I'm... read more

Good Album

( culture / music )
Dido's latest (here) is pretty good, FYI, if you generally like her music.... read more

DIY Arts And Crafts

( culture / crafts )
If you've ever felt the need to do it yourself when it came to one of your crafty/artsy ideas, you might try CafePress and make something exactly as you want it. Yes, we'll get a small commission.... read more

The Rainbow Ends In Sacramento

( culture / sports / humor / photography )
The rainbow really does end in Sacramento! My nephew Milan has captured proof. :) This was taken at their minor league team, Sacramento Ri... read more

Operation Detour

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Riva, a beautiful young black ops agent on her first assignment, tries to turn Alex into her own asset just to prove she can. When he loses both his job and his girlfriend, she thinks he's putty in her hands. When he decides to go out with a bang, she's afraid she's overplayed her hand. Here's the first half of it ... read more

Temporary Insanity

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking just another temp job. He didn't anticipate Venelia and the Dynamos. The what? Cli... read more

Last Train Out

( culture / writing / books / novels )
... read more


( culture / dance )
via Puttin' on the Ritz in MoscowHundreds of dancers joined together in Moscow on 26.02.2012 to perform together a great flashmob of...... read more


( culture / crafts )
Jana's Palickovanie art ... read more

Quotes On Religion

( culture / quotes / religion )
When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad; and that is my religion. -- Abraham Lincoln When Gandhi was asked his opinion of Western civilization he said, It would be a good idea. Heaven is by favor. If it were by merit, your dog would go in and you woul... read more


( culture / movies-tv )
Good quasi-clay-mation video Great first video from several years ago by my niece here: Y19zSl2q5iQ. Her current YouTube channel is here: ... ... read more

1-2-3 Day!

( culture / writing / blog / numbers )
Today is 1-2-3 day! January 23. Exciting, right? Just think, twenty-six years from today it'll be 1-2-3-4-5 day! I'll probably be dead by then, but somebody will enjoy it! ... read more

Recently-discovered Book Repository

( culture / writing / books )
Hathi Trust Digital Library: hathitrust.org... read more


( culture / holidays / christmas )
via saturnalia-reason-for-season At no time in the history of the early Christian church was it ever thought that the birth of Christ took place on 25 December. In fact, Jesus' birthday was not celebrated at a ... read more

Couple Of Good Ones

( culture / humor / jokes )
OK, three good ones. and and, this just in, something to settle the argument... ... read more

How To Move A Book Store

( culture / writing / books )
Cool! Human-chain-helps-British-book-store-move-down-the-street ... read more

Operation Detour (Facebook)

( culture / writing / books / novels )
via facebook.com/operationdetourbookOperation Detour book on Facebook... read more

Kentucky Derby

( culture / sports / horseracing )
via kentuckyderby.com... read more

Taking The Stairs

( culture / humor )
Don't you hate it when you're taking the stairs, looking down because it's a struggle, you think you've reached your floor only to look up and see you've got two more to go? Working on the third floor is rough!... read more

Best Thrillers Of All Time

( culture / writing / books / novels )
According to the Telegraph, anyway. An interesting list. Several if not most of these were that author's first published novel. I've actually read half of these, though it's been years. I sh... read more

Worrying Works!

( culture / humor / jokes )
Worrying must work, because everything I worry about ends up not happening!... read more


( culture / writing / books / novels )
... read more

USB Turntable

( culture / music / tech )
I'm buying one of these: USB turntable. I've been wanting to convert my old vinyl records to MP3 for quite a while now. I hope it work... read more

Good Quasi-claymation Video

( culture / movies-tv )
Great first video by my niece (from several years ago when she was just a kid) here: Ellie's Adventures. She's all grown up now, and her current YouTube channel is here.... read more

Quote On Tolerance

( culture / quotes )
Total tolerance is not a virtue, it is a total lack of principles. -- Plainsman 2016 And here are a couple more... Never trust a republican with your PUBLIC LAND. Never trust a democrat with your FIREARMS. -- Bernie Kuntz 2016 To one who has faith,... read more

Trail Of Blood

( culture / humor / blog )
Walking in from the parking lot into work this morning, on the sidewalk I saw what looked like a trail of blood. There was a big spot of it at the top of the sidewalk, and it dwindled as it continued downhill toward the front door. What the...? This building is out in the middle of formerly beautiful countryside. Maybe a coyote (or a pack) killed a... read more

Too Funny

( culture / humor )
This is too funny not to share. See German man's car found 20 years after he lost it in parking garage. Almost every driver has been there -- when parking in a large lot or garage, i ... read more

Cats Disrespecting Pugs

( culture / writing / pets )
So, I'm lying on the bed with the pug Joey between my legs. No, that's not a figure of speech. I'm referring to an actual dog. Anyway, the cat comes up, thinks about jumping across my legs to the other side, then decides to just step on me, then step on Joey, to the other side of the bed. #CatsDisrespectingPugs... read more

Lesson On Taxes

( culture / quotes / humor )
The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream. -- Bill Murray... read more

Another Great Quote

( culture / quotes )
The bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier an... read more

Is It Down Right Now

( culture / writing / blog )
Useful site to see if it's your connection (or firewall) or the site itself that's having a problem: Is It Down Right Now? Someone emailed us about their tool here: ... read more

Natalia Holmes Photography And Videos

( culture / photography )
Natalia Holmes travel photography and videography on YouTube, InstaGram and ... read more

Spend Time Instead Of Money

( culture / writing / blog )
Great idea! ... around the world, people are using a system of exchange that requires something everyone is, for the most part, given equally, every day: Time. via ... read more

Diary, 7/29/2017

( culture / writing / blog / diary )
I just went down the road to the quickie-mart and got coffee. It's something I do most every weekend morning since throwing away my home coffee maker to keep me from drinking too much of it. On the way there, I saw what I thought was a dead turtle in the road. I hate that. Poor things just can't move fast enough. Half way there, up ... read more

Novellas And Novels

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Free novella Temporary Insanity Long before winning the lottery and running for president, Benny was living in L.A. working as a temporary word processor (glorified typist). For his latest assignment, he thought he was taking ... read more

Please Patronize Me

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
Check out my Patreon page. Patrons get free stuff! Well, not technically free since you do have to pay at least $1 to get anything. Still ... It would be amazing if I had any fans at all to help finance what I do! Thank you for (possibly) being one.&qu... read more

Couch Potato

( culture / writing / blog )
I've been a couch potato all day. Well, most of the day. I did finally pull up the dead crops in the vegetable garden at one point. And I did do some recycling, taking the paper, bottles, cans and plastic bags out of the trash cans and putting it into the appropriate recycle bins in the garage. I tried to accomplish a few things on the ... read more

Indian Flick With Subtitles

( culture / movies-tv )
So, I'm selecting a movie to watch on Netflix. I see Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty. It's Indian, with subtitles, but it's in the category of Action/Adventure. The blurb says Capt. Bakshi sets out to stop a network of terrorist sleeper cells! So, I give it a shot. Not crazy about subtitles, but I like forei... read more

Netflix Subgenres

( culture / movies-tv )
How to find those hard-to-find movies and TV shows on Netflix:Netflix codes UPDATE: Not sure this works.... read more

Folding Clothes

( culture / writing / blog )
I thought I'd watch some sports while folding clothes (making up for my complete lack of doing chores yesterday). My choices were NBA basketball (where travelling is only called after 6 or 7 steps), bull riding (where I just feel sorry for the bulls), or a dog show (where I just couldn't care less). My sister Lucy would be in TV heaven, but... read more

Airlines Misbehaving

( culture / writing / blog / airlines )
United Airlines says Thank you, American Airlines, now everyone finally knows we're not the ONLY aholes! Yes, the woman was apparently belligerent (just like United's victim), but these so-call... read more

Another Page Of Mine

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
It's a site called Patreon where they help creative people find patrons to support their work. My page is here: Patreon It would be amazing if I had any fans at all to help finance what I do!... read more

Wife's Jetta

( culture / humor / transportation )
Driving wife's Jetta while my car gets serviced. I called it a piece of $h! while I tried to climb out. Its door hit me in the forehead during the struggle. So, I guess we're even.... read more

If A Man Speaks In The Forest...

( culture / humor / jokes )
Joke we heard Lee Child telling (though we're fairly sure he's not the author)... If a man speaks in the forest and his wife is not there to hear it, is he still wrong?... read more

Putting Words In Mark Twain's Mouth

( culture / quotes )
Nice list: Putting Words in Mark Twain's Mouth I wonder if any of these are on that list... read more

One Of The All Time Great Rock Era Lyricists

( culture / music )
One of the all-time great rock-era lyricistsListening to Don Henley this morning. He is one of the all-time great ... read more

Action Films On Netflix

( culture / movies-tv / humor )
Almost half of all action films on Netflix have a variation of this description: He thought he was retired, but has to do One. Last. Job!... read more

Local Pick Up

( culture / writing / blog / shopping )
Just ordered a $10 item on eBay. They offered in Las Vegas, Nevada versus delivering it. I live in Nashville. I need to decide if it's worth driving out there. Suggestions?... read more

My English Premier League Team

( culture / sports / soccer )
Trying to decide which English Premier League team I should consider my team. Very important. Leaning toward either Liverpool FC (because I always liked the Beatles) or Plymouth Argyle Football Club (because my first car was a Plymouth, and I always lik... read more

Writers Need Followers?

( culture / writing / advice )
Publishers and writing gurus preach that writers need followers. The problem is that emotionally-stable people don't want followers, they want friends, compatriots, people who listen, not followers. Especially zombie followers. They're the worst! :)... read more

Out Of Toothpaste

( culture / humor / blog )
Me (joking, the other day): I'm out of toothpaste! Whaddaya gonna do about it? Wife (without missing a beat): Find a husband with toothpaste, I guess. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I married her. :) And that's why I'm at the store right now, buying toothpaste.... read more

Decent Series Available Online

( culture / movies-tv )
Is there a single, decent series available online that isn't depraved; you know, doesn't involve zombies or some sort of depressing, apocalyptic, loser view of the world? Just wondering. Thanks.UPDATE: ... and three years later, we have an answer! See ... read more

Fence Guy

( culture / writing / blog )
So, the wife texts me saying, Fence guy quoted $35500 to do the fence. He's coming out Wednesday. This is a fence repair for a small backyard, not a new thousand acre fence. Me: How much?! Wife (paraphrasing): Oops, I left out the decimal point!... read more

Last Train Out (again)

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Clay and his adopted daughter, Jenna, look forward to their upcoming homeland tour to Russia. His intentions are pure.... read more

Dolphins Speak In Holographic Language

( culture / language / animals )
Very cool! via scientists-reveal-that-dolphins-speak-in-a-holographic-language/ UPDATE:The commenters are mostly unconvinced.... read more


( culture / humor )
So, I'm walking back from feeding the neighbor's dog while they're on vacation. I see my wife and daughter in the car up ahead, just about to turn onto our street. I'm looking at them. They're looking at me (or at least it feels like it). They're still about a hundred yards away, so I'm not entirely sure. To be silly, I ... read more

Recent Tweets

( culture / writing / tweets )
I remember when I didn't know what a tweet was, other than the sound a bird makes. It wasn't so long ago, either. Below is just a random list of tweets. Pathetic, I know, but I felt the need to put something new on the site. Anyway... Saturday, July 20, 2013: Picked more blackberries this evening, just before dark,... read more


( culture / humor )
I think I'm addicted to cereal, I said. Addicted? she asked. Yeah, I'm gonna hit the street looking for my latest fix. And by 'street,' you mean Aisle 3 at Kroger, right? Don't question my street cred!... read more

No More Penalty Shootouts!

( culture / sports / soccer )
I'm a huge soccer fan, but absolutely hate penalty shootouts. That is no way to decide a game. The winning team needs to be determined by playing the game, not through penalty kicks. That's like deciding an American football game by having five or six players from each team line up and kick field goals at the end of the game, ... read more

American Pharoah Vs. Secretariat, Who Would Win?

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Interesting!The 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah ran the sixth-fastest Belmont Stakes ever, but if he was racing against Secretariat's record time in 1973, he would have been a distant second. Watch the two races side-by-side.Source: ... read more

All Time Favorite Songs

( culture / music )
Or, what I'd want on my MP3 player if stuck on a deserted island (with rechargeable batteries and a ... read more

The Road To The Kentucky Derby 2015

( culture / sports / horseracing )
The road to the Kentucky Derby (2015)The 20 three-year-olds to make the starting gate in the Kentucky Derby are determined by the Road to the Kentucky Derby, a series of races leading up to the Derby where co... read more

My Novels

( culture / writing / books / novels )
See Novels/NovellasFeatured book deals on Smashwords or go to Another peak at my books... read more

Cigar American Racehorse Dies At Age Of 24

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Sad news. He was one of the greats. We saw him in retirement at Kentucky Horse Park several years ago. via ... read more

Forrest Gump Quote

( culture / quotes )
Just because it made me laugh out loud ... Jenny: Do you ever dream, Forrest, about who you're gonna be? Forrest: Who I'm gonna be? Jenny: Yeah. Forrest: Aren't I going to be me? via F... read more


( culture / photography )
Amazing photos here Wallpapers collected over the years. If you are the photographer/owner and want your photo removed, just let us know. ... read more

Parents Code Of Ethics

( culture / humor / sports )
Signing my daughter up for softball, I just had to laugh at this (stripped down) Parents Code of Ethics: I will encourage good sportsmanship I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win. I will r... read more

World Cup 2014

( culture / sports / soccer )
I love World Cup soccer (football/futbol to most of the world), so life is good now with all the games on. I'm ticked at ABC/ESPN for limiting all USA games to ESPN, which I can't see because we don't subscribe to cable TV. Of course, they do that to force people like me to subscribe, w... read more


( culture / writing / stories )
from 1994, © 1994 by Eric McGovern It was a warm, humid night, as are most nights of August in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It was ten p.m. and, as I loaded my fishing gear into my truck and looked up at the full moon, I was getting anxious to fish. I started up the truck, drove about three miles, and turned down a dark dirt road ... read more

Kangaroos Attacked Me

( culture / writing / stories )
from 1993 by Greg -- not really There I was in Long Beach, California, having lunch down along the docks like I always do. It was a cool Autumn day, early November. I was watching the ships roll in ... then I'd watch 'em roll away again. Whoa-wo sittin' on the dock of the bay ...Sorry. I can't get ... read more

Aliens Spoke To Me

( culture / writing / stories )
from 1993 I just started driving. I don't know why. Boredom, I guess. I left my house around noon. I'd had enough of watching football on t.v. and just felt like getting out. When I hopped into my truck I had no idea where I might go. East, I thought. To the desert, maybe. See the desert, I said to myself. To the desert I we ... read more

Devastating Earthquake Rocks Southland

( culture / writing / stories )
from 1993 © copyright 1993 A powerful earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter Scale brought Southern California to its knees just before dawn yesterday. Hundreds of buildings in the greater Los Angeles area were completely destroyed, dozens more rendered uninhabitable. L.A.'s newly-completed MetroRail subway system collapsed in o... read more

Remmy Gets Gas

( culture / writing / stories )
from July 1990 by Bill Remmy pulled into the gas station and jumped out of his pickup. He went to the rear of the truck, checked his reflection in the camper shell window, smiled, and slid the gas nozzle into the tank. He left the pump on automatic and wandered over to ... read more

Requiem For A Pigeon

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Bill We witnessed a pigeon's demise Right here on the dock o' the Bay There was nothing we could do Nothing we could say It just wasn't the pigeon's day We tried mouth-to-beak And the Heimlich technique But the pigeon had croaked Did you know pigeons float? Well, this one sure did ... read more

So Much For Sacrificial Rites

( culture / writing / stories / humor )
from February 1990 The High Priest announced, We must sacrifice a human life tonight. The crowd of Mibuku natives milling around the fire immediately tensed and fell silent. Suddenly, the High Priest pointed his holy finger at a lowly servant fanning the Queen. The servant shrieked. Royal guards descended from their place upon the s ... read more

California Chrome, A Horse Of A Uniting Color

( culture / sports / horseracing )
They have a 77-year-old trainer who thought his big-time days were over, and a jockey who grew up afraid of horses.They pulled California Chrome's name out of Coburn's cowboy hat. If not for the luck of the draw the horse could have been named Seabisquick. ... read more

Watch Tara The Hero Cat Attempt To Throw A Ceremonial First Pitch

( culture / writing / blog )
via hWatch Tara the Hero Cat attempt to throw a ceremonial first pitch For those who saw ... read more

The World According To Time Magazine

( culture / writing / blog )
The World According to TIME Magazine. For those who still read TIME magazine.... read more

Advice For Writing

( culture / writing / advice )
A writer's narrative perspective (their voice, or, how they come across to their reader) must be: This is me talking to you.That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.It's not: This is me 100 years ago speaking in a classical voice.It's not: Speaking as if from professor to student or from adult to child.It's not: Thi... read more

We Stopped SOPA, Let's Stop The TPP

( culture / writing / blog )
We stopped SOPA, let's stop the TPPThe text of the agreement has been shrouded in secrecy. But we know from leaked documents that the TPP would let corporations monitor our online activities, cut off our Internet access, delete content and impose fines. via ... read more

Hollywood Park What A Run It Had

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Hollywood Park, what a run it had!Today (December 22, 2013) is the last day of racing at Hollywood Park before it's torn down. It's sad, but that part of town has been the 'hood for several decades now, so it's no surprise no one... read more


( culture / writing / tweets )
My Twitter feed: by @TheBillHolmes Some of my better ones, according to me ... Never work FOR someone else, work WITH them. I do some of my best work when I'm supposed to be doing something e... read more

My Twitter Feed

( culture / writing / tweets )
Tweets by @TheBillHolmes And if the network you're on has Twitter blocked, but you're Jonesing for more of my witty banter, ... read more

The Fallacy Of Lesser Evil Choice

( culture / writing / blog )
... the main issue here is that it is delusional if not moronic for persons who describe themselves as progressive to insist upon copping out to the Lesser-Evil candidate for fear of losing an election, rather than to support -- whatever the odds -- a candidate they will admit to possessing superior intelligence, m ... read more

RFK Jr On JFK's Attempts To End The Cold War

( culture / writing / blog )
RFK Jr on JFK's attempts to end the cold warBolshakov smuggled a letter, the first of 21 declassified in 1993, to JFK's press secretary, Pierre Salinger, in a folded newspaper. In it, Khrushchev expressed regret about Vienna and embraced JFKs proposal for a path to peace and disarmament. ... read more

Mucho Macho Man Grooves To His Song

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Breeder's Cup Classic winner Mucho Macho Man grooves to his song. It was apparently removed (probably due to copyright issues), but here's the horse winning that race, and the Village People singing that... read more

Simple Reform Could Save America From Wall Street

( culture / writing / blog )
A Simple Reform Could Save America From Wall Street and Boost the Economy: What's Washington Waiting For? We're talking about a financial ... read more

This Is Deep

( culture / humor / internet )
I just had to share this comment someone left here on FriendsNews.com. Read it, absorb it, digest it, lather, rinse and repeat it. Then let me know what the %$# it means! Here it is: I comprehend that is genuinely uninteresting and you're merely skipping to the next comment, nonetheless i basically preferred to toss... read more

Good Start

( culture / sports / football )
The NFL got off to a good start today (2013-09-10), the first real games of the season. Both of my teams, the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers, won! The Titans were a surprise over the Steelers. The Niners won as expected even though they were playing the Packers. Normally, I'd be rooting for the Packers, but not against either o... read more

Spot The Psycho Before They Spot You

( culture / writing / blog )
Activist Post: Spot the Psycho Before They Spot You. We hang the petty thieves, and appoint the great ones to public office. -- Aesop ... read more

Movie Night

( culture / movies-tv )
My wife and I have been celebrating our twelfth wedding anniversary this weekend. The actual day was the 22nd (so mark your calendars for next year's gifts). :) With our daughter on a sleepover at a friend's house last night, Tara and I went to see the movie ... read more

Travers Stakes (2013)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Several big name horses in it this year: Verrazano, Haskell winner Palace Malice, Belmont and Jim Dandy winner Orb, Kentucky Derby winner And ... read more

How Does Writing Affect Your Brain?

( culture / writing / health )
How Does Writing Affect Your Brain? infographic.Interesting ... to me, anyway. Most of us write a little something everyday. It might be a grocery list, a poem, or a write-up on the infographic of the day. As we go thr... read more


( culture / writing / blog )
Obama himself says, The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident. And he's right, for a ... read more

Lost A Friend

( culture / writing / blog )
--No, not that kind of lost (knock on wood). So get that lump out of your throat. No, I just noticed I've lost a friend.Don't you hate it when you're walking along talking to someone, it's crowded, you hear a muffled scream but think nothing of it, only to realize several blocks down the street that your friend is no ... read more

Alan Shore's "Stick It!" Speech

( culture / movies-tv )
Alan Shore's closing argument (from ... read more

Just Another Sunday

( culture / writing / blog / shopping )
Wife and kid are off at this thing called church. Maybe you've heard of it. I'm not familiar. Not sure what to make of it. :)I'm basically just hanging out waiting for the new mattress to be delivered. We told the delivery guy, Anytime! He sounded foreign. I hope he shows up before 10pm! Never know with these dang ferners! Anyw... read more

How To Know If Your Co-worker Is A Threat To National Security

( culture / humor / politics )
Essentially, pretend the Soviets won the Cold War and then conquered the United States -- that's how the government is operating. via How to know if your coworker is a threat to national security... read more

Lies Lies Lies

( culture / music / politics )
Lyrics from a Frank Zappa song: You will obey me while I lead you And eat the garbage that I feed you Until the day that we don't need you Don't go for hel...no one will heed you Your mind is totally controlled It has been stuffed into my mold And you will do as you are told Until the rights to yo... read more

Started A New Story Today

( culture / writing / stories / novels )
I started writing a new story today. Can't say much about it except that it's pretty much sci-fi, though it might wander into religion and politics. So, yeah, it should offend just about everyone.Then I took a break and started cleaning. Did a load of dishes. Vacuumed and cleaned the office carpet because not one, but two dogs threw up b... read more

About My Books

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Go to showbooks.php ... read more

Cracking Up Over Lottery President

( culture / writing / books / novels )
Here's one of my brothers reading my book, Lottery President. He seems to be enjoying it. I swear I didn't pay him to do this. Ne... read more

Taibbi Reveals Smoking Gun At Moodys And S&P

( culture / writing / blog )
Taibbi reveals smoking gun at moody's and s&pLord help our fing scam?.?.?.?this has to be the stupidest place I have worked at, writes one Standard & Poor's executive. As you know, I had difficulties explaining 'HOW' we got to those numbers since there is no science behind it, confesses ... read more

Revealing NSA Spying Program Doesn't Harm National Security

( culture / writing / blog )
Revealing NSA Spying Program DOESN'T Harm National SecurityTerrorists Already Knew about the Programs ... The Only People Who Were Kept In the Dark Were the American People via ... read more

Lottery President

( culture / writing / books / novels )
For most people, winning $300 million in the lottery would be enough. They would buy a big house, travel the... read more

New Washer

( culture / writing / blog / appliances )
The new washer was delivered today. I let them take the old one away even though we'd just bought it (used) a week ago. That's right, it lasted just one week. Oh well, we didn't really need that $200 (after tax and delivery), anyway. </sarcasm> I say let them take it because I could have had the repairman from the store, ... read more

Getting Used To Having No TV

( culture / movies-tv )
I'm slowly but surely getting used to having no TV in the house. It's been about a week now. I still get all the local news headlines by following those channels through Facebook. And the only thing I ever watched on Roku -- with what little time our daughter allowed us to watch anything other than her shows -- were the ... read more

Guest Posting

( culture / writing / blog / friendsnews )
I've been following and listening to Jeff Goins's TribeWriters program, and he says an important aspect to successful blogging (at least as far as getting noticed) is to guest post on other people's blogs. Jeff is a great resource, by the way. So, if you want to post something ... read more

No More TV

( culture / movies-tv )
We've turned off, unplugged and hidden the TVs from ourselves! The plan is to keep it that way throughout the summer. We'll see how long it lasts. :) Something tells me we'll be cheating by watching more stuff on our computers. Still, I expect us all to be just a little bit smarter because of it. :) ... read more

I Am Now A Published Author

( culture / writing / books / novels )
OK, so it's SELF-published, but still ... :) It's called Lottery President. Hopefully, it's at least slightly entertaining. Tell a friend! ... read more

Derby Results (2013)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Florida Derby winner Orb won today's Kentucky Derby in the slop. But you've probably already heard/read about it. My pick, Revolutionary, finished 3rd. That was better than my picks have done in other years. It's a go... read more

Blog Content

( culture / writing / blog / internet )
I'm as guilty as anyone about trying to add content to my blog just for the sake of content (because search engines look for and rate highly based on how fresh your blog's content is). But someone whose blog/newsletter I subscribe to has stooped to simply stating the obvious, maybe phrasing it differently, just to have an interesting to... read more

Kentucky Derby Related Pages (2013)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Kentucky Derby-related pages (2013)Where to keep up or catch up on the upcoming Derby: espn.go.com/horse-racing/triplecrown2013/ Kentuckyderby.com/horses ... read more

Great Suction!

( culture / writing / blog )
In preparation for the much-anticipated Comcast installation (Internet, not TV), I do as they suggest and clear out a space where I want them to put the cable wall jack. Once I have that space cleared, I decide to vacuum the area. It's almost an instinctive reaction: You clear out a space that ... read more

Why Is Boston Terrorism But Not Aurora Sandy Hook Tucson And Columbine

( culture / writing / blog )
Why is Boston 'terrorism' but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?Glenn Greenwald asks in his latest column, Why is Boston 'terrorism' but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Co ... read more

Doing The Dishes

( culture / humor / blog )
So, my wife tells me most people do the dishes every day. I don't believe her. Every day? I ask.Yes, every day, she says.Every single day? I persist. She nods. You don't mean, I search for clarification, it's something that is an 'every day' thing, but in reality is not done literally every single day, do... read more

Tried To Mow The Lawn

( culture / writing / blog / garden )
Well, I tried to mow the lawn, but the lawnmower wouldn't start. I swear. :) It's probably all clogged up from sitting there unused all winter. It was a hand-me-down mower, anyway, probably in need of replacing, but that's just not in the budget right now. Actually, the yard looks better au natural at the moment b... read more

Road To The Triple Crown (2013)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
The Triple Crown 2013 - ESPN.I always try and follow these preludes to the Kentucky Derby so that I have at least an educated guess on Derby Day.... read more

The Digital Story Of The Nativity

( culture / holidays / christmas )
This is the Christmas story as told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon... ad infinitum. See YouTube - THE DIGITAL STORY OF THE NATIVITY. And, for a miniseries on the subject, go to: ... read more

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2013)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2013)2013 Kentucky Oaks & Derby May 3 and 4, 2013 Tickets, Events, News.Time to start watching the Derby prep races so you can at least make an educated guess/bet on Derb... read more

So God Made A Dog

( culture / humor / pets )
I love this. via So God made a dog And on the 9th day God looked down on his children and said they need a companion, so God Made A Dog. Paul Harvey-style tribute to dogs.... read more

We Need A New Sherman Antitrust Act

( culture / writing / blog )
via @holmes3804We need a new Sherman Antitrust Act! (or enforce the one we've got).Limit, by statute, the allowed size of any company.Having too much of the economy controlled by too few corporati ... read more

Chris Hedges Quote

( culture / quotes / politics )
We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy-- Chris HedgesDon't forget judges, CEOs and regulatory agencies!... read more

Your Novel Blueprint

( culture / writing / advice / novels )
Good article for writers. via Your Novel Blueprint WritersDigest.com Writing a novel and building a house are pretty similar when you think about it. For instance, most builders or homeowners spend a lot of time dreaming ...... read more

My Writer's Platform

( culture / writing / books )
WilliamArthurHolmes.com is my writer's platform, with a page showing where you can buy, preview and/or review all of my books. Or, just look below... ... read more

Fooling Themselves

( culture / writing / blog )
The elites are adept at fooling themselves into thinking they know best.This superiority that they bestow upon themselves is a convenient justification for keeping us commoners in the dark, and keeping themselves in power. ... read more

Russia Ousts US NGOs, Fake Protests Peter Out

( culture / writing / blog )
Reuters states ... Putin ... has pushed through laws which critics say can be used to stifle dissent - tightening controls of the Internet ... and broadening the definition of treason. Activist Post: Russi... read more

A Couple Of Books Novellas On Kindle

( culture / writing / books / novels )
I've published a couple of books/novellas on Kindle recently: Lottery President is a political thriller; and Operation Detour is a darkly comedic adventure ... read more

Texas Threatens To Arrest International Monitors

( culture / writing / blog )
When the government remains unresponsive to egregious attempts to suppress the vote, such as mass mailings to ex-felons falsely telling them they are not allowed to vote, there certainly is a need for someone to step in to document the scandal and demand the issues be rectified. via ... read more


( culture / quotes / politics )
When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing more to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. ~ Plato ... read more

How Hubbard And Rand Got Their Ideas

( culture / humor / jokes )
According to this video, this must be how it happened. ... read more

Quote Of The Day (7/14/2012)

( culture / quotes )
Quote of the Day 2012 07 14 The War on Terror(TM) is a product. It doesn't exist 'to keep us safe'; on the contrary, it exists to keep us in a state of fear. -- Liberty Underground News Service... read more

Diary, 7/2/2012

( culture / writing / blog )
It almost rained today. I know, exciting. Apparently, it did rain pretty hard in some places, but not here on the south side. Hopefully, by this time next week it will have rained several times. The possibility is in the forecast, anyway. Just trying to keep my crops healthy. As Mark Twain said, Everybody talks about the weat... read more

Diary, 6/30/2012

( culture / writing / blog / diary )
It's supposed to be record heat again today. Yesterday was 109F degrees, which is unheard of in Nashville. Today is supposed to be 107F. I've already watered my fruit trees and vegetable garden in the backyard this morning. Yesterday when I came home from work, the garden was literally wilted from the heat. I have never had an entire garden ... read more

Quote Of The Day (6/25/2012)

( culture / quotes )
Quote of the Day 2012 06 25 To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. -- Voltaire Good quote, but apparently not spoken by Voltaire.See ... read more


( culture / art )
Julian Beever's Sidewalk Art Art by Will Gray Edwards Jana's Palick... read more


( culture / writing )
Writers on the subject of writing My author's page Books ... read more

Surfer Catches Biggest Wave, Ever, Off Portugal

( culture / sports )
Surfer catches 'biggest wave ever' off PortugalSurfer catches 'biggest wave ever' off Portugal (video)... read more


( culture / writing / blog )
Great video ... and idea.! Stay informed, subscribe to our mailing list: bit.ly/Updates Buy the DVD w/ 50 minutes of bonus features: thrivemovement.com/st... read more

Unplugging Americans From The Matrix

( culture / writing / blog )
... political elites represent only the powerful special interests that write the country's laws in exchange for funding the political campaigns of lawmakers. via Unplugging Americans from the MatrixThe West passes judgment on ... read more

Puttin' On The Ritz In Moscow

( culture / dance )
Puttin' on the Ritz in Moscow ... read more

Bureaucracy At Its Worst Legal Argument At Its Best

( culture / humor )
Bureaucracy at its worst, legal argument at its bestPart of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the task of tracing home titles back potentially hundreds of years.. With a community rich with history stretching back over two centuries, houses have been passed along through generations of family, sometimes mak ... read more

Part 1 | Hungry For Change

( culture / movies-tv / politics )
This inspiring film has the power to transform your health! -- Anthony Robbins, World Renowned Peak Performance Expert.via Hungry For Change -- Part 1.... read more

Virginia Declares Emperor Has No Clothes Nullif

( culture / writing / blog )
Virginia declares emperor has no clothes: nullifies NDAAVirginia declares emperor has no clothes: nullifies NDAA Good for Virginia!And it looks like Tennessee may follow suit. ... read more

Taxpayers Lose 13 Billion As Govt Exits Chrysler

( culture / writing / blog )
Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion as gov't exits Chryslervia Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion as gov't exits Chrysler U.S. taxpayers likely lost $1.3 billion in the government bailout of Chrysler, the Treasury ... read more

Tennessee Begins To Push Back Against NDAA Tyranny

( culture / writing / blog )
Some possible good news, for a change:... any federal law purporting to require local or state law enforcement agencies to act at the direction of the federal government or the United States military is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this ... read more

Super Committee Members Super Corrupt

( culture / writing / blog )
rawstory.com/rs/2011/08/18/wall-street-firms-donated-11-2-million-to-members-of-debt-super-committee/The bipartisan super committee created by the debt ceiling dea ... read more

Goldman Sachs Exec Working For Issa

( culture / writing / blog )
truth-out.org/goldman-sachs-vp-changed-his-name-now-advances-goldman-lobbying-interests-top-staffer-darrell-issa/1 ... read more

Welfare For The Rich

( culture / writing / blog )
via dailybail.com/home/matt-taibbi-the-real-housewives-of-wall-street-how-morgan-st.html ... read more

Kite Flying

( culture / writing / blog )
As it turned out, today was a good day for kite flying. Elizabeth, 6, had been bugging me about flying her new kite since returning from the vet this morning. We had brought all three pugs in to see ... read more

Solar Power Without Solar Cells

( culture / writing / blog )
Cool! via Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible. You could stare at the equations of motion all day and you will not see this possibility. We've all been taught that ... read more

Brisnet Top 10 Kentucky Derby Contenders (2011)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Brisnet Top 10 Kentucky Derby ContendersHere's the current year's: Kentuckyderby.com/horses/leaderboard... read more

Supermarket Meat Tainted With Drug Resistant Bacteria

( culture / writing / blog )
Supermarket meat tainted with drug-resistant bacteriaAnother reason to go vegetarian, although their math isn't right. Forty-seven percent is much worse than 1 in 4. Maybe we should actually read the article? :) via ... read more

Great Commercial

( culture / movies-tv )
Commercial from Taiwan, for all you bikers out there, young and old:Dream Rangers... read more

The Skeleton Closet

( culture / writing / blog )
The Skeleton Closet.Good stuff! All the Scandals on All the Candidates for President --Since 1995-- Because character DOES matter. You've come to the right place for dirt, attitude and opinionated character reviews of all the presidenti ... read more

Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2011)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Kentucky Oaks & Derby (2011)Time to start watching the races leading up to the Kentucky Derby so I have a clue who to bet on on Derby Day, May 7th.2011 Kentucky Oaks & Derby May 6 and 7, 2011 Tickets, Events,... read more

What A Split Second Looks Like

( culture / photography )
Click here This is exactly what you would think a split second would look like. ... read more

Events At Mpact Sports

( culture / sports )
For those in middle Tennessee: Events at Mpact. Elizabeth used to go here for gymnastics. They are a great bunch of people.... read more

Higher Percentage Of Americans Believed In King George

( culture / writing / blog )
During the Revolutionary War than Congress Today ... read more

Free Monty Python Videos On YouTube Lead To 23,000 DVD Sale Increase

( culture / movies-tv )
Free Monty Python videos on YouTube lead to 23,000% DVD sale increaseFree Monty Python Videos on Youtube Lead to 23,000% DVD Sale Increase We're letting you see absolutely everything for free. So th... read more

New Rules For Writers

( culture / writing / advice )
Anis Shivani: New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More. These rules totally go against every prescription for writing success you'll hear as a young new writer from all quarters... read more

Fox Shoots Hunter In Belarus

( culture / writing / blog )
Hooray for the fox! via Fox shoots hunter in Belarus A wounded fox shot its would-be killer in Belarus by pulling the trigger on the hunter's gun as the pair scuffled after the man tried to fin... read more

Sold Another Bumper Sticker

( culture / humor )
Man, that's three this year. At a dollar apiece, I'm gonna be rich! :) UPDATE: That was at Zazzle, but now I recommend CafePress (once it's set up).... read more

Fastest Trooper

( culture / humor / jokes )
Montana State Trooper In most of the United States there is a policy of checking on any stalled vehicle on the highway when temperatures drop to single digits or below. About 3 a.m. one very cold morning, Montana State Trooper Allan Nixon responded to a call.There was a car off the shoulder of the road outside Great Falls, Montana.H... read more


( culture / movies-tv )
When I wasn't working on computers this weekend, I was trying to get the new used television working in the bedroom. Prior to even havin... read more

Food Safety Hypocrites

( culture / writing / blog )
These people all need to go: libertynewsonline.com/article30129693.php... read more

Something To Ponder

( culture / writing / blog )
Railroad tracks The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way they built them in England, and English expatriates designed the US railroads. Why did the English build them like that? Because the first r ... read more

Doormats With A Difference

( culture / humor / jokes )
... read more

Is This Not Treason?

( culture / writing / blog )
Is this not treason?By his own admission, Cantor appears to be a traitorous dumb ass: crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/his-own-standard-did-eric-cantor-just ... read more

Zenyatta Lost

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Zenyatta lost by half a head!This is the Breeder's Cup Classic I'm talking about.I thought she was hurt or something the way she ran dead last, 20 lengths behind.Then she came out of nowhere and would have won with two more s... read more

A Few More Good Quotes

( culture / quotes )
... on the subject of fascist/corporate power (thanks to LUV): Power that controls the economy should be in the hands of elected representatives of the people, not in the hands of an industrial oligarchy --Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas ... read more

Giants Win!

( culture / sports )
For the first time in my lifetime, the S.F. Giants have won the World Series!And they did it on my birthday!Adding to my joy was seeing George W. Bush in the background, clearly unhappy.... read more

All Time Best Movie Lines

( culture / movies-tv )
I thought it'd be fun to come up with a list of the all-time best movie lines. Use the comments section below comments closed for your suggestions. Try and do it from memory. Don't worry about getting it exactly right. Here's what comes to my mind: We'll always have Paris - Rick in Casablanca Louie, I think t... read more

Wine Review

( culture / food )
Yes, we do it all here at FriendsNews! If I said to you Bohemian Highway, California Merlot 2007, what would you think? Crap? Just this side of Thunderbird? Well, you'd be wrong. At the amazingly low price of $6 for the small bottle, it's just as good as the Woodbridge California Merlot at twice the price. I've never had French wi... read more

New Antenna

( culture / movies-tv / tech )
Got the new tv antenna... read more

Diary, 7/24/2010

( culture / writing / blog / diary )
We all went to the Nashville Zoo today. My God it was hot ... and sticky. Luckily, Blue Bell Ice Cream was handing out free cups of vanilla ice cream, which we grabbed upon arrival and at departure. I think today was literally the hott... read more

Diary, 7/23/2010

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I'm lying here on the couch -- with the pugs asleep next to me -- getting my new laptop just the way I like it. A customer was supposed to show up and drop off their laptop today at 3, but that never happened. Shoulda guessed that, but I had to be here in guess they did show up. Anyway, this new laptop is much older than the new A ... read more

My First Bumper Sticker Sale!

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I just got an email saying I've made my first bumper sticker sale! They bought three, actually. At 33 cents commission per item, at this rate, one sale per year, I'll be rich in no time! UPDATE: That was at Zazzle, but now I recommend CafePress (once it's set up).... read more

It Has Long Been Time For Joe Lieberman To Go

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The epitome of slime, of course, it's long BEEN time for Joe Lieberman to go: libertymaven.com/2010/06/22/loathsome-joe-liebermans-internet-kill-switch/10005/ --... read more

Quote Of The Day (6/21/2010)

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Watching Titanic the part where the ship is sinking is like watching the U.S. economy, where the rich conspire to sink as many of the poor as they possibly can. -- Bill Holmes (yes, I thought this one up myself!)... read more

How To Anonymize Your Browsing

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To anonymize your browsing, use one of these anonymizer sites and/or programs:Sites Anonymouse.org Connect... read more


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I almost stepped on a snake as Elizabeth and I came out of the creek. Yes, we were in the creek. Anyway, I yelled, Aaaah when he slithered past me toward Elizabeth and into the water. Elizabeth wanted to get a better look at him as he lay there half in the water, half out. It was only three feet long, but I didn't know if it was ... read more

Quote Of The Day (4/6/2010)

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For life to work well for most people today, the universe has chosen an unlucky few for whom nothing works at all. :) Try and keep that in mind as you go through your day. -- Bill Holmes... read more

Screenplay Submitted

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I submitted a screenplay to Scriptapalooza today. See scriptapalooza.com. The first deadline is Friday the 5th. The real deadline is April 15. I think first prize is $10,000, but the main thing is that real Hollywood industry people read all of the scripts, so maybe even if you don't win t... read more

My Cousin Kenny's Book

( culture / writing / books / health )
Scared to Life ... and Loving It!: One Man's Journey With Prostate Cancer (Paperba... read more

Some Favorite Mark Twain Quotes

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It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled! The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures, but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot. If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the ne... read more

New MP3 Player For My Car

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I am now the proud owner of this very cool device, here.Thanks to Heather and Brady for the suggestion!... read more

Newly Discovered Radio Station

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I just got my car back from the shop. $1500. Ouch! On the way home, though, I turned on the radio. All my preset stations were gone. Right. Whenever they reset the onboard computer, it resets my radio station presets. Kinda weird that it would, actually. Doesn't the radio have its own memory separate from the car's computer? Apparentl... read more

A Day Without My Car

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I'm just testing this Windows Live Writer software. UPDATE: There's now a newer, open-source version here. It was a dark and stormy night ... No, it was an unusually cold day ... yeah, that's it ... for the firs... read more

A Few Bumper Stickers

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And one t-shirt, too. That's not me in the picture. :) Here's my store: zazzle.com/holmes3804 Make custom gifts at ... read more

Diary, 10/28/2009

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We had a Fall Festival party at Elizabeth's daycare/preschool tonight (called that because some parents don't like Halloween). Elizabeth went dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume. She was very cute. But then, she's cute no matter how she's dressed. :) They had a magic show that was cute, but I've seen better. :) Actually, ... read more

Diary, 10/17/2009

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Been trying to learn Cisco (network routing equipment) online through skillsoft.com, which I was given access to in my severance package. Maybe I need to just move out in order to get everything done that needs getting done. My 4 year old daughter thinks just because I'm working from home right ... read more

Diary, 10/15/2009

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Two weeks shy of my birthday and I'm still looking for a job. I don't know why. I never really fit in at these corporate soul-sucking places. Oh that's right, I need to pay the mortgage, daycare, grocery bill, utilities, car payment and its insurance. And don't forget the exorbitant health care premiums. You ever tried buying health ... read more


( culture / appearance / grooming )
Got a haircut today. Finally! What little I have left -- after all the stress at work and the stress of the recent back pain -- was getting pretty long and goofy-looking unless it was wet and slicked back. Anyway, I was sitting there in my chair getting my hair cut by the same middle aged woman who cut it last time. I had my head down as ... read more

Christmas (2008)

( culture / holidays / christmas )
It took five months, but here it is: Christmas 2008 ... read more

New Fence

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I forgot to mention that I built a fence last weekend. It only spans about 12 feet from the side of the house to the retaining wall dividing us from our slightly-uphill neighbor. I've still got to cut a gate into it. Hopefully, I can pull that off. I pulled it off. See below. Then, maybe next weekend I'll get the other side of the house f... read more

Diary, 4/2/2009

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Today is Dad's birthday. 90 years old! Amazing. I'm 48, in case you're wondering. Amazing ... ly disgusting! Oh well. Anyway, back to Dad. Longevity runs in his side of the family. His mother lived to be 101. His father made it to 81 or so, as did his oldest brother and only sister ... I think. I didn't really pay ... read more

Detroit Bank Robbery

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Detroit PD should be ashamed! :) See UPDATE: That old link is dead. Here's the new link... read more

Free Remote Control Software

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This looks really good: teamviewer.com/index.aspx Of course, I've already been using the one from Zoho, too, here: meeting.zoho.com/agent/ZohoMeet ... read more

Your Outgoing Mail Server

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Hopefully yours is listed here, anyway. :) amailsender.com/support/smtpserver/ ... read more

Software Updater

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CNET has created a fantastic new service called Tech Tracker that I wish I'd come up with. It tracks and keeps up to date all of the software on your computer! Mac or Windows! The only catch is that you have to create an account on their site and give them your email address. Hopefully it's worth it. Here's the link: ... read more

Our First Outside Christmas Lights, Ever

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That's it. No story. Here's the link: Our first outside Christmas lights ... read more

Diary, 11/10/2008

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Parents all worry about how well they're raising their kids; how they will behave; what kind of people they will grow up to be. Well, tonight I discovered a sad truth about our youngest daughter, Sunny. She likes to hang out in gutters. You heard me. Gutters! Oh, the shame of it all! Sunny is a cat, in case you didn't know. She was appa... read more

Diary, 11/7/2008

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Well, I had a hell of a day. It started off normally enough, though it was raining, which is increasingly rare around here. I dropped Elizabeth off at school on my way to work, and from there my day took a wrong turn. I took side streets the rest of the way to work instead of the main Old Hickory Blvd route. The side streets are just faster, us... read more

Old Music, Newly Uploaded

( culture / music )
Here's some piano music I've composed over the years, mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. I rarely play nowadays. None of the compositions (if you can call them that) had names until just now. And none of it is very professionally played or recorded, but it's all I could do! Still, all rights reserved by me. Feel free to download and play th... read more

How To Get People To Stop Forwarding Stuff To You

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Go to stopforwarding.us/ ... read more

Holding The Sun

( culture / photography )
Cool pictures ... read more

Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding And Horse Rescue

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We have started our non-profit organization in Cottonwood. Harmony Haven Therapy Riding and Horse Rescue. We will add you to our mailing list if you want updates (we now have 3 horses for our riders). Hope to hear from everyone. -- Jeannie, 2008 Click below to see how much they've changed since this original post!... read more


( culture / crafts )
Slovak art by Jana In the Slovak language, this textile art is called palickovanie (Pronounced: PALL-eech-ko-vah-nyeh)... read more

Kokopelli Stitching

( culture / crafts )
Jana's Kokopelli stitching ... read more

Diary, 4/26/2008

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I took Joey to the vet this morning for a routine follow-up. I volunteered because I thought his appointment would conflict with Tara's plans to take Elizabeth to meet up with her Auntie, Tara's sister Sandy, at the Franklin Street Fair. Tara conveniently allowed me to think that. When Joey and I got back home, Tara and Elizabeth were b... read more

Kentucky Derby (2008)

( culture / sports / horseracing )
Here's a list of possible starters for next week's Kentucky Derby: Derby 2008.The experts are divided between Big Brown, Colonel John and Pyro as their picks. You can see their picks on tha... read more


( culture / stage / plays )
The Thomas House Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre ... read more


( culture / music / radio )
Online Radio stations Revolution935 Beat FM Blip.fm ... read more


( culture / writing / poetry )
A Prince in Disguise A Saga of Seven Hats People y... read more


( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack Joseph wore many hats in his life, the first one was of son, next an officer, a Dutch Marine, that to him was fun; In Maastricht, in '49, he married his childhood love, now he w ... read more

People You'll Be Missing And Why

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack The time has come for you to move on, but I'm sure you'll be missing us while you are gone; No more conversation with boss Catherine to really make you think, You'll miss your adventures with super ... read more

A Prince In Disguise

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie WomackWe met on the race track in '72 I couldn't resist his eyes, so blue We soon fell in love and started a life In '76 he made me his wifeA teacher, leader, rebel and yes A son, brother, fa ... read more

The Run

( culture / writing / poetry )
by Jeannie Womack Running in the rain isn't the pain a non-runner might think it would be I put on my jacket that has a hood, lace up my shoes, and stretching is good I open the door, expecting more ... read more

A Saga Of Seven

( culture / writing / poetry )
This is a story in the style called rap that'll surely encourage an afternoon nap of a family of seven, their kids and their wives and something regarding their travels and lives.Now first there was Greg, a Brooklyn-born lad; and then it was Lucy that Mom and Dad had. She was born at Sing Sing (no, not in the j ... read more


( culture / music )
Five apps that should make middlemen nervous BandCamp BandMix ... read more


( culture / movies-tv )
Free features! -- A list of full-length features uploaded to IMDb by independent filmmakers that you can watch right now on IMDb -- for free! Or check out our featured content for the lates... read more


( culture / writing / books )
... read more

Short Stories

( culture / writing / stories )
Really old (mostly bad) stories by Bill Lipstick & WD-40 One Of Those Nights The Leaky Weekly ... read more


( culture / fashion )
We'll probably have something fashion-related to talk about... someday.... read more

One Of Those Nights

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1990 It was late. Claude couldn't sleep. He decided to walk to the corner liquor store for munchies and beer. As he entered the store, he noticed a girl at the phone-booth by the door. She smiled a curious smile and Claude smiled back uncertainly, then proceeded into the store. ... read more

Murder, Or Just An Honest Mistake?

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1990 The following story is rated PG. You figure it out.... read more

A Day At The Fair

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1990 I pulled into Angel's Camp around noon. I was supposed to be meeting my brother Don and his wife Diane there ... somewhere. We hadn't actually decided on a meeting place. That would have been too easy. I drove south on the main street through town (probably Main Stre... read more

Lipstick & WD-40

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1990 Sandi strolled out of the motel room wearing her tight spandex pants, high-heeled shoes and a simple peasant blouse. She had just turned another trick and she wanted to vomit. This was not a reaction to just the one trick, but from the life she had been leading these past several ... read more

The Slow Leak

( culture / writing / stories )
copyright © 2000 by Steve Holmes It was a gorgeous Sunday near the end of September and I needed some exercise. Exercise, just for the sake of exercise was probably best done by running on the treadmill at the athletic club. But on a day like that, just exercise wasn't enough. I would take a bike ride on the American River Bike trail. ... read more

The Admired Car

( culture / writing / stories )
by Steve Holmes, © Copyright 2001 Beep, beep, blink, blink! How the car, George wished she could honk her horn and flash her lights. A car with a name? Yes, she knew her name was George because she heard one of her creators say it, By George, she's a beauty.It was a Sunday afternoon in the spring of 1925. Cars had b ... read more

Lunch At Jack-in-the-Box

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1993 Driving around town the other day, I somehow ended up in Hollywood. I don't get to Hollywood much anymore and don't usually find myself missing it. But it was a beautiful day. And seeing all the quaint shops -- each striving for uniqueness -- and the many people o ... read more


( culture / sports )
Soccer Bleacher Report - Soccer ESPNFC FIFA Football.com ... read more

Cruise Special

( culture / humor / jokes )
A blonde walks by a travel agency and notices a sign in the window: Cruise Special -- $99! She goes inside, lays her money on the counter and says, I'd like the $99 cruise special, please. The agent grabs her, drags her into the back room, ties her to a large inner tube, then drags her out the... read more

Typical Man's Timeline

( culture / humor / jokes )
1972: Long hair2002: Longing for hair1972: The perfect high2002: The perfect high yield mutual fund1972: KEG2002: EKG1972: Acid rock2002: Acid reflux1972: Moving to California because it's cool2002: Moving to California because it's warm1972: Growing pot2002: Growing p... read more

Romance Math

( culture / humor / jokes )
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man smart woman romance Smart man dumb woman affair Dumb man smart woman marriage Dumb man dumb woman pregnancy OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss smart employee profit Smart boss ... read more

Sports Jokes

( culture / humor / jokes / sports )
Top 10 Caddy comments Here's one for you golfers. # 10 Golfer: Think I'm going to drown myself in the lake. Caddy: Think you can keep your head down that long? # 9 Golfer: I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course. Caddy: Try heaven, you've already ... read more

51 Years Ago

( culture / humor / quotes )
I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20. Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $2000 will only buy a used one. If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ... read more

Airline Cabin Announcements

( culture / humor / jokes / airlines )
All too rarely, airline attendants make an effort to make the in flight safety lecture and announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported: 1. On a Southwest flight 245 (SW has no assigned seating, you just sit where you want) passengers were apparently having a hard time choosing, when a fli... read more

Award-winning English Prose

( culture / humor / language / english )
Every year, English teachers from across the USA can submit their collections of actual analogies and metaphors found in high school essays. These excerpts are published each year to the amusement of teachers across the country. Here are last year's winners. 1. Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compre... read more

Andy Rooney Quotes (supposedly)

( culture / humor / quotes )
1. Andy Rooney on Monica. Can you believe it? Monica turned 28 this week. It seems like only yesterday that she was crawling round the White House on her hands and knees. 2. Andy Rooney on Vegetarians. Vegetarian - that's an old Indian word meaning lousy hunter. 3. Andy Rooney on Prisoners. Did you know that it costs forty th ... read more

Bill And Tara's Excellent Adventure

( culture / movies-tv / transportation )
It started out as an innocent attempt at dinner and a movie on a Saturday night. It turned into... Tara's nightmare! Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but still... We had dinner at Schlotzsky's, each of us ordering one of their 8 per... read more


( culture / humor / jokes )
Joke Images Joke-related posts, ... read more

Stupid Sayings

( culture / humor / jokes )
Save the whales. Collect the whole set. A day without sunshine is like, night. On the other hand, you have different fingers. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 99 percent of politicians give the rest a bad name. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe. HONK if you love p... read more

A Girl Named Lucy

( culture / writing / poetry )
from 1990 This is a story 'bout a girl named Lucy Otherwise known as The Rappin' Watusi She lays down a beat that gets your toes tappin' If your toes get tired, let your fingers do the snappin' She says Hey buddy, don't you be no square If you can't find a partner, use a wooden chair ... read more

Ice Fishing

( culture / humor / jokes )
Saturday morning I got up early, put on my long johns, dressed quietly, made my lunch, grabbed the dog, slipped quietly into the garage to hook the boat up to the truck, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour. There was snow mixed with the rain and the wind was blowing 50 mph. I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, a ... read more

A Day At The Races

( culture / writing / stories / horseracing )
from 1994 The first Saturday in May. What does this date mean to you? Probably nothing, except that Spring has finally arrived, unless you live in California where it's been Spring already for two months or more -- real Spring, not calendar Spring. But ask any horse racing buff and they will tell you without hes... read more

Barbecue Season

( culture / humor / jokes )
After months of cold and winter, we are finally coming up to summer and BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking as it's the only type of cooking a real man will do, probably because there is an element of danger involved. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following... read more

Success Equation

( culture / humor / jokes / math )
This equation should be taught in all math classes! From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like this: What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? Wha... read more

Airline Gripesheet

( culture / humor / jokes / airlines )
After every flight, pilots fill out a form called a gripe sheet, which conveys to the mechanics problems encountered with the aircraft during the flight that need repair or correction. The mechanics read and correct the problem, and then respond in writing on the lower half of the form what remedial action was taken, and the pilot reviews the gr ... read more

Blonde Jokes

( culture / humor / jokes )
Blonde in a hailstormA blonde is driving home and she gets caught in a really bad hail storm.The hail is as big as tennis balls, and she ends up with her car covered with large dents. So the next day she takes her car to the repair shop. The shop owner, seeing she is blonde, decides to have a little fun. He tells her ... read more

Insurance-Related Jokes

( culture / humor / jokes )
Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Q: What does HMO stand for? A: This is actually a variation of the phrase, Hey, Moe! Its roots go back to a concept pioneered by Doctor Moe Howard, who discovered that a patient could be made to forget about the pain in his foot if he was poked hard enough in the eyes. Modern ... read more

Hospital Charts

( culture / humor / jokes )
NOTATIONS ON HOSPITAL CHARTS Actual Sentences or notations Found In Patients' Hospital Charts (Proves that those medical folks are right on top of things. 1. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night. 2. Patient has chest pain if she lies ... read more

Did I Read That Sign Right?

( culture / humor / language )

Dinko Goes Shopping

( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. Copyright 1990 There once was a cat named Dinko who loved food more than anything else in the world. Of course, when you're a cat, food is probably the single most important thing in the world; so none of this should come as any great shock. Sure, being cuddled and petted and sitting on the laps ... read more


( culture / writing / stories )
by William Arthur Bill Holmes. © Copyright 1989 In the vast expanse of Llycete Spaceport's docking yard on this below-freezing winter morning, the Mraclys, a small ship badly in need of a paint job, stood apart from the other ships, mostly because it was so ugly. Green on top, orange on the bottom, with brown patches ev ... read more

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