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Predictive Programming

by don - 2021-05-06 18:45:09 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild (131592)

Found this:

There's also a 2003 movie called Absolon

which features a

frightening viral global pandemic. Then, there's a 'cure', which

everyone becomes dependent on and is mandated to take regularly, with

scary social credit punishments if one fails to do so.

The film is hard to find, but I finally tracked it down and I have it.

It's awful, trust me: endless unimaginative shoot-em-up chases, a

dreadful script, and so on. So I don't really apologize for the spoiler.

The big twist is that the virus died out long ago, which has been

covered up. But the 'disease' is actually being perpetuated by the

'cure' at the hands of evil Big Pharma. And those who have a /*real*/

remedy for the entire thing are being silenced and killed.

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