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Old Age Discrimination Suit vs Google

by bill - 2010-08-11 ( life / money / employment )

"The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 after being told he was not a good "cultural fit."


Old age discrimination suit vs. Google

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Thanks Bill for helping our kids!!! We appreciate it so much! - Lori, 2010-08-09 15:36:04

Dear Bill, Tara and Elizabeth and families and friends. Bill was kind enough to post this for me for my niece's son Lucas who has this terrible disease. He's only 4 years old and is trying to be a little boy having fun, going to school and dealing with this. Thank you for clicking every day. This means the world to all of us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. With many hugs for your support. - Jinx, 2010-08-09 15:58:56
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