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Much Better Visit Today

by bill - 2007-12-06 13:00:00 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

Elizabeth (a.k.a. "Masha") was much happier today. We were told that the orphanage caretakers probably were not telling her that we would be "taking her away," but who knows? She let me "fly" her around the room again, which made her laugh. We played piano. Yesterday, she wanted up on my lap to play piano, but she batted my hand away so that only she was playing. Today, we did a duet.

One very good sign was that we're told she asked where her mama was before leaving her room. By the time she met us in the music room, however, she was shy again at first. But then she got into Tara's makeup purse and put it on. At 2½ she already knows which makeup goes where.

She put Tara's sunglasses on and someone told her that she would have many boyfriends in America because she is so pretty. Then she found Tara's cell phone and obviously knew how to use it. So, she "called" Vika on the phone, and they spoke.

Then she got back onto the three-wheeler. I pushed her all over the place while she drove and talked on the phone. Just like an American girl!

She barely colored anything today, and has not been especially interested in music lately except for the piano.

Anyway, today was great! Of course, she's two, so who knows how she'll be next time, Monday. Here's a screenshot of the entrance

UPDATE: Recently discovered this map showing the entrance of the orphanage on

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    I'm glad todays visit went well. It sounds like you are really bonding with Elizabeth. I have to warn you though, kids are just moody! She may be very loving one day, and stand-offish the next. It is just part of being two ;) Enjoy your visits! I can't wait until you bring her home. -- Ronica
P.S. tell Elizabeth that her cousin Joshua is "student of the month" in his Kindergarten class!

- Ronica, 2007-12-01 03:01:38

    We are so happy to hear about the better visit today. She is definatly a kindred spirit with her cousin Destiny playing in make-up and talking on the phone at only 2 years old. Boy does that bring back good memories, and can't wait to have new ones too with my newest niece.
I hope that you are both finding good foods to eat you haven't mentioned anything yet and you both lost weight on your last trip, I will eat a cheeseburger and think of you both today :D. Hopefully all of the paperwork processes will go off without a hitch and you will be able to return early. The pugs miss you but we are doing our best to spoil them and give plenty of lovin'. You mentioned how the pedestrians have no problem almost being hit by cars that they just take it all in stride, but I hope that you are both taking cabs.

- Stephanie and Todd, 2007-12-01 05:35:35

    Glad the visit today went well. And she's only into the piano these days?!? Darn, I thought Tara said after the last trip that she was into music so I guess the drum set that I got her for Christmas won't be such a hit (haha!!) Thomas is saying "Elizabeth" much better so we can't wait for you to get home quick! Tara - if you need a laugh just picture Jerry Brase in work out clothes on an eliptical machine!! (Guess who I ran into at the "Y" Tuesday?!?!) I thought I left TSC - why am I a running into all these people now?!?! Can't wait to see you guys..... Les ps sorry Bill, no more dreams about you two - lately they've been about lawn work (i'm trying to get our leaves raked and they keep falling faster than I can rake them!)

- Leslie, 2007-12-01 14:48:45

    The word "masha" means girl in Dutch. Do you have a full name picked out for her? I will try to come out to see all of you in May when I have some vacation time off.

- Jeannie, 2007-12-02 04:00:54

    That's great about today's visit! What does "Masha" mean in Russian? Is it the usual nickname for their version of Elizabeth?
BTW, I'm telling everyone that you named her Elizabeth after me (my middle name for those of you who don't know)! :-)

- Lucy, 2007-12-02 14:59:46

    "Masha" is a common nickname for her current proper name of Maria. All names here have several nicknames that go with them. She was once asked if her name was Maria, and she said, "No, it's Masha." Her full name will be Elizabeth Ashley Dievna Holmes. "Dieva" comes from her current middle (patronymic) name of Gennadievna. Tara could never remember that, though, so we shortened it (after making sure it was not a bad word in Russian).

- bill, 2007-12-03 00:48:15

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