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VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

by staff - 2021-03-13 07:52:00 ( in life, health, covid, vaccines) [php version]

With all the crimes against humanity by governments around the world, the CDC is still forced to document those involving USA licensed poisons they call "vaccines."

Here is a link to the CDC's own website. I tested it and see you can't see what I am seeing because I had to click on a few "I agree" buttons to get this far. I have not used this yet, so am not familiar with it, but have seen VAERS reports showing hundreds of deaths by vax within the first 24hrs. But it takes you to a link where you can also click your way into their system.

Even after all this, people are still so completely duped by big pharma propaganda lies that "Vaccines are Safe and Effective" that when someone dies within minutes of a poison jab, they still can't connect the dots. It is completely mind-blowing and shows the sad condition of the people so horrendously duped.

But you should become aware of this government resource and share with your family and friends. You could be saving their lives.


Having said that, we must all realize that if they are adults and not suffering from mental disabilities, each person has free will and they may decide to use it to become a martyr and wave the red flag warning for humanity. They may (unconsciously) choose to accept this EXPERIMENTAL and deadly poison vax to save the lives of other family members. As sad as that is, we must accept that reality.

The crimes against humanity are by people who push this on people who don't have the mental faculties to make an informed choice, such as children or senile adults. I have seen a video in Germany where very elderly people in care homes who can't talk are being held down and injected against their will. That is PURE NAZI and these people will eventually face justice for their crimes. And by "informed choice" people MUST be informed it is EXPERIMENTAL and by getting the injection they are entering into a 3 year trial with them tracking you to some extent that I don't know yet. Virtually nobody is told this, so people who simply think the government "would never do anything to harm people" are finding out the evil truth.

But I keep trying to inform people so they are aware that "vaccine" makers have been given 100% complete liability protection and can't be sued. This removes any financial reasons to care what crap they put in there and how quickly they rush out their next poisons.

The key is to educate people because all these details are desperately being hidden by the media and all the criminals in government to suit their depopulation agenda and usher in their New World Order and Great Reset.

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