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Putin, Khazars & Ukraine

by steve - 2023-02-21 20:20:43 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild (3364)

In researching for a book I am writing, I came across this article and here's something that really caught my attention with so many with "pray for Ukraine" signs and flags:Khazaria, Rothschild Dynasty, New World Order, Ukraine and Implementation of the Nephilim Agenda

"Putin aggressively worked at paying off the debt to the IMF, a Rothschild controlled bank, and by 2006 Russia's debt to the IMF was paid off. Putin successfully extracted Russia from the strangle hold of the Rothschilds. For this heroic feat, Putin has been characterised as the bad guy ever since."

Khazaria, Rothschild Dynasty, New World Order, Ukraine and Implementatio...

See this podcast with Clif High

UPDATE: President (of Ukraine) Zelensky and his Nazi army want to personally thank you for your household's contribution of $861 to them (as does the Biden family). See How Much is U.S. Aid to Ukraine Costing You?

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