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People Who Still Support Biden Be Like

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on behalf of JP Sears

Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 6:27 AM

Let's just blame Russia.

Hey Freedom-Fighter!

In this segment of Lies You Can Trust, we take a break from committee coverage of the insurrection that "never happened" to bring to you the inside scoop of recently released network news show ratings. Who has the most views CNN, Fox News or yours truly? Remember, numbers are #facts.

Grab some propaganda popcorn and watch it here.

For my next video I confront a loyal Uncle Joe supporter to discuss gas prices, food shortages, and inflation -- all the while a big, black goat gets a bit overly friendly. Don't worry, no animals were harmed while making this video. (Though if it were, we would just blame Russia.) Enjoy People Who Still Support Biden here!

If you love the red-white-and-blue as much as I do, check out our Independence Day Collection mech. Grab it by tomorrow (6/23), so you can spread the free-thinking vibes this July 4th!

Remember, we are home of the free because of the BRAVE!


Together we are TEAM FREEDOM!


PS) Avoid looking like a communist sympathizer, and make sure to place an order by tomorrow (6/23) to get your freedom merch in time for the 4th! Shop here.

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