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Australian Town Explodes In Violence

by rowland - 2023-02-03 06:47:46 ( in education, research, people, aborigines) [php version] rebuild

On 02/02/2023 23:11:


best I can figure out is that minority youths (Aborigines) are getting drunk and randomly attacking people and property.

Aborigines were separated from the rest of humanity for 40,000 years. Unlike almost all other humans, they do not have Atlantean "beauty-of-being-slave" programming implants. They have traditionally used various psychedelic plants during most of that time. Never discovered alcohol, and most cannot handle it. Putting them into concentration camps if they resist meddling with their DNA could have been a bad mistake. One earlier mistake was "the stolen generation", ripping children away from parents and bringing them up in orphanages so they did not learn their culture.

"Correcting" individuals with them does not work. Respectful communication via tribal elders can work.

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