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Another Great Visit

by bill - 2007-10-09 17:20:32 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild (130)

We're feeling closer and closer to our child, especially after today. And I think we passed "the test" of having the psychologist there, observing. She was pretty cool, actually. She didn't stay the entire visit. I think she could see that Tara, the child and I are all getting along well. She'll be observing again tomorrow, but we're not worried about it anymore.

Our daughter will probably be in the performing arts when she grows up. She's very artistic. One time, after getting bubbles in her eyes, she pouted and said something which today's interpreter, Liena, translated as "wanting sympathy." (It's difficult to write these sentences without mentioning our child by name, as I'm supposed to, but I'm trying.) Anyway, after the sympathy plea, I kissed her forehead and cheek, then Tara kissed her. Liena said, "She will be an actress." :)

Tara said maybe she'll be an actress and a musician. We have all these "meetings" with her in the music room, so there are toy instruments everywhere. They've even got a real piano. So, I taught our girl how to play piano, or at least hit several keys in succession. She's also fluent in the xylophone, drums and bugle. :)

This is our last night in Astrakhan. We fly back to Moscow tomorrow night, after two more visits at the orphanage.

UPDATE: Recently discovered this map showing the entrance of the orphanage on

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