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London Real Interview Of Zach Bush - Amazing

by don - 2020-06-29 09:27:52 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

Her father had an uncle named Victor Debs (but not Eugene Victor Debs).

He died in the 1990s. He was a somewhat successful inventor. Serious

brains on her father's (Lebanese) side. Her Lebanese Christian father

had blue eyes ("Crusader Arabic" called it).

On 6/28/20 6:57 PM:

I thought that Eugene Debs was her father's uncle or something similar

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, 4:35:47 PM


You mean Eugene V . Debs, the Socialist Party presidential candidate?

When I lived in LA I used to go to Ernest Debs (CA Assemblyman) park

sometimes. None any relation to . Her dad and mom were Rush

Limbaugh fans.

On 6/28/20 4:10 PM:

commie ran and seems to still run in 's family. some sort of

uncle of hers ran for socialist president a few times a hundred years ago

On Sunday, June 28, 2020, 11:57:09 AM ,


"She proudly wears a mask in public, as our Democrat mayor orders, as

half the population in Nashville does."

Jana does all the shopping and wanted to tell you when she goes to

Trader Joe's, she is the ONLY one not wearing a mask.

I am looking very much forward to people using the law I found

yesterday from that lady in Orange County and busting up the mask

"mandate" here. I guess I told you about that, but if not, it's the

best news we got yesterday.

Sunday, June 28, 2020 11:32 AM



's a true blue Democrat volunteer, which she can't continue being

if she delves into "conspiracy theories." She proudly wears a mask in

public, as our Democrat mayor orders, as half the population in

Nashville does.

There's no link for that Bush guy, just= a bunch of interviews on the

right side of the screen, like Rose/Wakefield, but no Rose/Bush. If

you click Listen to the Podcast, it's an interview with a surfer.

On 6/28/20 11:35 AM Ho takes you to the londonreal page

with lmes wrote:

Wow, that is a shock.

Did you know was like that?

This guy seems to have put it all together so clearly.

Sunday, June 28, 2020 5:49 AM





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conspiracy-related mailings. Thank you very much.


Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 7:37 PM



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This is an amazing biological discussion that will affect the health

of all people -- MUST SEE

A Triple Board Certified Physician

Zach Bush MD is a physician specialising in internal medicine,

endocrinology and hospice care.

He is an internationally recognised educator and thought leader on

the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems.

Dr. Zach founded Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer's Footprint

to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health.

His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including

topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human

genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health.

DNA consultant



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