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Good Start

by bill - 2013-09-13 00:00:00 ( in culture, sports, football) [php version]

The NFL got off to a good start today (2013-09-10), the first real games of the season. Both of my teams, the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers, won! The Titans were a surprise over the Steelers. The Niners won "as expected" even though they were playing the Packers. Normally, I'd be rooting for the Packers, but not against either of the above teams.

I'm going to assume from all of this - mark my words! - the Titans will play the 49ers in the Super Bowl... someday!

UPDATE: And it almost happened in 2020 (2019 season). The Titans lost in the AFC championship game, just one game away from the Super Bowl, which the 49ers lost to the Chiefs after leading most of the game.

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    I watched the game on TV but kept falling asleep and so missed some of the plays. I also watched the Raiders game. - anonymous, 2013-09-08 13:34:28

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