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U.S. Misleaders Are Trying To Start WWIII

by bill - 2022-08-06 21:37:04 ( in education, research, conspiracies, wwiii) [php version] rebuild (3076)

First, they poked, prodded and goaded Russia into war, but were disappointed when it didn't escalate into nuclear war. It still might, but apparently not quick enough. So, now, they're provoking North Korea and China, hoping one of them will be less restrained than Russia and actually launch nukes.

Why? Everyone knows there is no such thing as a winnable nuclear war.

Our misleaders are hell-bent (literally) on a drastic reduction in the world's population. Covid and its "vaccine" haven't killed enough people quick enough, either. So, what better way to kill a bunch of people, soonest, than to start a nuclear holocaust?

They think they'll survive in their underground bunkers.

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