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Video To Mp3

by don - 2021-10-01 22:43:18 ( in education, research) [php version] rebuild

I don't watch many videos. I prefer to convert them to mp3 and listgen

on a pocket mp3 player.

Sometimes if you click on the Rumble or Video button you can get a URL

from the Embed button that you can download using youtube-dl on the

command line (I think it's a multiplatform program) youtube-dl

--extract-audio --audio-format mp3;read=183691

 There are other programs to download videos to mp3 but some content

providers don't allow that, you have to watch the video from their site.

Project Camelot comes to mind, as well as Stewart Swerdlow's podcasts on So what I do is attatch a short 3.5mm male/male cable to

my both my audio jacks on my laptop, make sure the sound isn't turned to

max, then go into Audacity and hit record. Then I startthe video playing

in another window. When the video's over, I export as mp3 in Audacity.

(also multi-platform). It works fine, you just have to keep an eye on

the progress of the video from time to time to know when to Stop

recording in Audacity.

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