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New Washer

by bill - 2013-06-12 10:00:00 ( in life, home-garden, appliances) [php version]

The new washer was delivered today. I let them take the old one away even though we'd just bought it (used) a week ago. That's right, it lasted just one week. Oh well, we didn't really need that $200 (after tax and delivery), anyway. </sarcasm>

I say "let them" take it because I could have had the repairman from the store, DT's Used Appliances, come out and try and fix it under the 90 day warranty. But we decided "screw it, maybe he'll fix it, maybe not, maybe they'll replace it, maybe that one will work better, maybe not." It just wasn't worth the back-and-forth complaint/repair runaround. If he did fix it, I could have then tried selling it online, but we have no room for an extra washer.

Anyway, the new one, a Whirlpool Cabrio bought on discount at the "scratch and dent" Sears outlet store, is pretty amazing. It cost $500 or so, originally $800 or so, which is pretty ridiculous for a washer. But, it's exactly what Tara wanted. It has a timer so you can delay the start of the wash until after your shower, or whatever. It's very quiet. Its top lid is glass so you can watch your clothes as they wash, if you're into that. Or, as the salesman said, you can entertain your cat for hours, putting him/her on the lid.

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