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New Documentary Released Today

by doug - 2023-06-04 10:04:57 ( in education, research, conspiracies, movies-tv-video) [php version] rebuild (91718)

It's part 3 but stands as a separate entity - The Great Awakening. Not what I expected at all, but I highly recommend it and it may bring you to tears as it did for me. Wow, so good! Featuring above all others is the famous G. Edward Griffin, the author of the story revealing what the banksters did in The Creature From Jekyll Island which is vital to understand what happened in that secret meeting.

I know some who receive this will immediately Google his name and it's no surprise Wikipedia calls him a conspiracy theorist to discredit him. If you watch this documentary you will fully understand exactly why it's necessary for him to be so discredited by those in power.

This link includes red carpet interviews which might be interesting for some, but the actual documentary starts about the 1 hour and 29 minute mark.

The Great Awakening Premiere

It might be because millions around the world were watching it at the same time and this probably won't be an issue when you watch it, but it often froze up and I had to reload it maybe 10 times and try to restart where I left off.

His first documentary of the series has been viewed by over a billion people and is the most watched documentary of all time, I've heard.

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