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Forget Inflation, This Threat Could Wipe Out Your Savings

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There's another link to Jim Rickards' talk.

You can just read the transcript to avoid waiting through the talk.

Jim Rickards from Lon Real

Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 4:09 PMForget Inflation -- This Threat Could WIPE-OUT Your Savings

Hi ,

The biggest threat to your wealth right now is NOT inflation

It's NOT another Fed rate hike

It's NOT even a recession


The biggest threat to your wealth right now is this sinister plot

A shady, backroom order

Signed by President Biden

That would make it 100% legal for the government to spy on you

And could give them unprecedented control over your bank account.

Click here to uncover this sinister plot NOW -- and learn how to protect yourself.

[Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 21.58.24.webp]

Watch This Video


Jim Rickards

Economist; Former advisor to Pentagon and CIA


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Jim Rickards

Lon Real

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