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Gun Laws Are Changing

by anonymous - 2021-04-10 ( education / civics / politics / guns )

Yippee! This will really piss off the Dems.

On 4/8/21, Bill wrote:

So, according to the article, there are already 30 states that don't require a gun permit, and 20 of those allow permitless concealed carry? I'm surprised it's so many.

On 48/21, anonymous replied:

It's becoming a movement in the red states. Don't even need a background check now. Of course, the elite may decide to install a Dem as the next governor and un-do it. So take that $1400 check from Biden and buy your handgun now.

I decided a semi-auto, which has a clip with a spring in it, isn't so good for self-defense. The spring goes bad sitting in your drawer for 5 years and then fails to fire. So I got a .38 revolver a while back at a gun show, which I can leave loaded without that kind of worry.

Of course, anyone with kids should think thrice before buying a gun, and always with a trigger lock.

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