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Putin-Style Politics Could Be What Saves U.S.

by bill - 2014-01-19 ( education / news / politics )

I used to think Putin was a thug/autocrat [I should say I assumed he must be], but that's what it takes sometimes.

That being said, he does seem to have Russia's (and his own) interests at heart.

I like what he's done to the oligarchs internally and his management of the Russian ship of state internationally ... so far, especially regarding Syria and Crimea.

"... those worrying about socialism in America missed the big picture, ignoring what media critics John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney have called the dollarocracy, which they contend has set in place a "money and media election complex" that is destroying America."
Read the rest here Putin-Style Politics Could Be What Saves U.S.

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