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Sleep, What A Concept

by bill - 2007-12-19 19:13:51 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

I slept on the floor most of last night. It's a little after 7 a.m. here. Elizabeth refuses to sleep in her crib, even though we're told that's what she slept in at the orphanage. So, she sleeps with us in our bed. That bed is barely big enough for just me and Tara. Anyway, Elizabeth can go to sleep in the bed, but whenever she wakes up a few hours later and discovers me next to her, she starts crying. That's not the first time that's happened to me, but that's another story. :)

I finally just got out of bed and spent the rest of the night on the floor of the "living room." I like a firm mattress, but this is ridiculous. (We're in a mini-suite that's really no bigger than a normal non-suite room.) I couldn't take a pillow, either, because it would've woken her back up, so I used my jacket as a pillow. The hotel pillows suck, anyway.

They were both still sleeping when I snuck out to type this. Must be nice. :)

Some of you are probably wondering why we never post pictures of her here. It's because we're not supposed to. It might be OK now that the court decision is final. But just to be safe, we're waiting until we're back on US soil.

P.S. -- Tara tried emailing several people last night, but the internet connection here is so flaky, she couldn't do it. It'll tell you that you've got an "excellent" connection to their WiFi, but it never gives you the IP address you need in order to do anything. You WiFi users will understand what I'm talking about.

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    so the sacrifices begin...don't might get easier! but one word of advice--don't let her start sleeping in the bed with you!!! i made that mistake and destiny was 8 (yes EIGHT!!!) when i was finally able to get her in her own bed and it was a struggle then. --could be why i'm still single! i know it's hard not to...especially right now with your current living situation but you have to be strong on this point when you get back. thanks for the update! hope you guys are able to get some rest while you're still there.

- sandy, 2007-12-13 00:01:40

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