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Skora Mweh Tam Boojum

by bill - 2007-11-24 13:00:00 ( in family, adoption, holmes, travel) [php version] rebuild

Translation: "We'll be there soon." This time next week, actually.

I really want to be able to communicate with our daughter Elizabeth when we get there. I've been playing those language MP3's (other ones here and/or here) relentlessly for the past several weeks. Sometimes those phrases will just pop into my head. "Ne dyela bolna koshka" (literally, "not you hurt cat") might come to mind at work, out of the blue, as I walk down the hall. I'll have to stop and remember what it means. In this case, it means, "Don't hit the cat." That one stands out because it's nothing like "Don't hit the dog," which is "Ne bay saBAHka."

I keep dreaming about Elizabeth, during which she usually speaks a combination of English and Russian. Just before waking up this morning I dreamed that Tara's cousin Ronica and her husband Jayson were in Russia with us. Elizabeth preferred Jayson over me. He is much cuter, so I can't really blame her. I'll get over it ... :)

We've finished her bedroom. It really looks good. We painted it light green. Of course, Tara did all the designing. She's really good at that. She and her sister Sandi, niece Destiny, sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Todd sanded and painted the bed, chest-of-drawers and bookshelf for the room. I put up shelves in the closet, and mounted a couple things on the wall. I'll link some pictures here when I find them.

Time to get ready for work. "Para raBAWtats" or something.

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