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2022 US Quarter

by doug - 2022-11-08 19:19:03 ( in education, research, money) [php version] rebuild

Sent: Monday, November 7, 2022 5:31 PM

more proof that those "running" the country are against it

On Monday, November 7, 2022 at 04:52:02 PM


It's in Spanish, huh?

Sent: Monday, November 7, 2022 6:41 PMRE:

Nothing nefarious. It's part of the US Mint's Celebrating Women campaign, and one of those women was Mexican American. See

Sent: Monday, November 7, 2022 8:19 PM

Still think it's the psyop concerning "toxic masculinity" and how, by total coincidence, women are the rulers of everything.

We can't have an alpha male, can we now?

Seems to be just a random dot, but nothing is a coincidence. Everything in mind control is planned so people just don't realize what is happening.

And as you know, that's how we have so many clueless people now.

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