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California County Votes To End Covid State Of Emergency

( life / health / conspiracies )
Our case numbers are so low, it doesn't warrant a shutdown ... read more

Hurray For South Dakota!

( life / health / conspiracies )
Only one state has stayed strong and not fallen for the Covid propaganda: South Dakota. So, that's where you (and maybe I) need to move to! Too bad the winters suck. Kansas looks promising, too (90/105 counties have opted out) but I never liked Kansas. via... read more

Aussie Lawyer Suing Her Government

( life / health / conspiracies )
via gumshoenews.com/2020/09/10/serena-teffafas-class-action-suit-against-the-covid-nonsense/ Serene Teffafa's Class Action Suit Against the Covid Nonsense - Gumshoe News - by Mary W Maxwell, LLB Every effort counts. Any step you can take against the great fraudemic rea ... read more

In The Bin: Social Accounts Deleted As War To "debunk" COVID Conspiracies Heats Up

( education / news / rss )
Social media giants are removing millions of posts and accounts promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories and anti-lockdown protests. And Australian groups are in the firing line. On Monday, Facebook deleted a prominent anti-lockdown conspiracy group, Millions ... read more

Fake (or At Least Overblown) Health Threats

( life / health / conspiracies )
This push to cure and/or prevent a fake health threat (covid-19 is not a threat to most people) reminds me of the HPV vaccine that EVERY doctor has pushed to have our daughter inoculated against. If you don't know, human papillomavirus virus (HPV) has a miniscule chance of occurring, a miniscule chance of causing any problems if it does occ ... read more

The COVID CONtradiction: Why Only 6% Are Covid Deaths

( life / health / conspiracies )
via natureofhealing.org/the-covid-contradiction-why-only-6-are-covid-deaths/How do you know when you are being conned, misled, duped? When you find contradictions and inconsistencies in the story line. In order to find c ... read more

Just 3.7% Infected By "close Contact" With Those Already Infected

( life / health / conspiracies )
In other words, among 3,410 close contacts, 3.7% were secondarily infected. Of those, 16.8% were mild, 73.1% moderate, 10.1% severe or critical. via acpjournals.org. Emphasis mine, below. Among 3,410 close contacts, 127 (3.7% 95% CI ... read more

The Purpose Of Communist Propaganda

( culture / quotes / conspiracies )
The purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose ... read more

"We Have A Lot Of Evidence It's A Fake Story All Over The World" -- Doctors On COVID-19

( life / health / conspiracies )
Is this article 'fake news?&#' No, because the statement in the title that reads 'we have a lot of evidence that it&#'s a fake story all over the world' is an actual quotefrom a representative of the group discussed in the article. The... read more

This So-called ""pandemic"" Is Not Even An Epidemic

( life / health / conspiracies )
One third of one percent does not constitute an epidemic, let alone a pandemic. Semantics, I know, but can they not even get the language right? 330,102,000 population (see census.gov) 2,800,000 cases 130,000 related deaths (which means they ... read more

It's Not About "our Health," It's About Control

( life / health / conspiracies )
See life / health / conspiracies. Call me a conspiracy theorist. Go ahead, I dare ya. You know you want to. :)click here for related articles. ... read more

Ex-NYT Reporter Publishes New Anti-lockdown Book, Calls Out '90% Of Media' On Parroting Same Lines On Covid Responses

( life / health / conspiracies )
from Ex-NYT-reporter-publishes-new-anti-lockdown-book-calls-out-90-of-media-on-parroting-same-lines-on-Covid-responses Alex Berenson's latest chapter in a se ... read more

England To Revise DOWN Its Covid-19 Death Toll By Up To 10 Percent After Bizarre 'counting Mishap

( life / health / conspiracies )
via rt.com/uk/497237-uk-covid-deaths-counting-mishap/ Up to 10 percent of Englands coronavirus death toll could be wiped out due to reporting errors in which Covid-19 deaths on the official register were logged months after positi ... read more

There Is NO LAW Requiring Face Masks

( life / health / conspiracies )
via conservativetruth.org See also Gavin Newsome admitting as much Firstly, neither the statute on which the governor relies nor any... read more

Covid Panic Debunked

( life / health / conspiracies )
A cytokine storm is caused by coronavirus, but only for people who ... read more

The Science And Law Of Refusing To Wear Masks: Texts And Arguments In Support Of Your Civil Rights

( life / health / conspiracies )
via sott.net/article/439219-The-science-and-law-of-refusing-to-wear-masks-Texts-and-arguments-in-support-of-your-civil-rightsThis article was first published on 11 June, w... read more

Coleman Susses Out The "pandemic"

( education / research / conspiracies )
See youtube.com/watch?vPhJL6RDo9XA The Forces of Evil Are Gathering - YouTube International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why and how governments around the world have deliberately over-stated the threat of the co... read more

Texas Allegedly Lowered Its Diagnostic Standards To Inflate Covid Numbers

( education / research / conspiracies / health )
via youtube.com/watch?vYYPhZGbvnT8 This amazing leaked video of officials plotting to massively inflate Covid cases. This is corruption on a massive scale and these government employees act like it's business as usual! ... read more

A Key Determinant Of Whether You Live Or Die

( education / research / conspiracies )
A conversation: Vitamin D seems to be the key determinant of whether you live or die. Sweden did not have a lockdown. My Swedish friend says most of the deaths are in the African neighborhoods. Possibly the feeble sunshine of Sweden cannot penetrate dark skin to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is more than a vitamin, it acts as a hormone. ... read more

Coronavirus - 1970s Public Information Film

( life / health / conspiracies )
Hilarious! It's in the air, and if you sense corona virus in the air, drop to the ground face-first! youtube.com/watch?v5q7HkxNhnXA&fbclidIwAR1hfwEuHCBgf7n0rl55F-BWXCAdg4Gd8Oegzip4VOz2tUFmVXRKXi9fFnc ... read more

Good Guys In Control Of The Fed?

( education / research / conspiracies )
Q: What do you think of this? youtu.be/WeN6Fr-lkUM. Good Guys Are In Control Of The Fed, Transition Being Prepped, Silver Is The Key: Bix Weir A: Fake news -- all rumor and speculation with zero evidence -- is a booming business. Remember the Iraqi Dinar that was supposed ... read more

Bogus Covid Death Toll

( life / health / conspiracies )
via rt.com/uk/495166-uk-halts-covid-death-update/. The British government has put on hold releasing daily updates on the number of coronavirus fatalities, after scientists noticed serious oddities in the way Public Health England counts ... read more

More Bogus Covid Cases

( life / health / conspiracies )
They get a few covid patients, and they're tested multiple times. Each test is reported as a new case, inflating the figures exponentially. See tapnewswire.com The fact is that regard... read more

Shopping Without A Mask In California Documentary (part 1)

( life / health / conspiracies / shopping )
A protest video regarding this unwarranted, unlawful and un-Constitutional requirement for healthy people to wear masks. via youtube.com/watch?v9Igaxv6Pryg&t20s I have started off at Emigh's Hardware in Sacramento to show what life i... read more

Posts Removed As False

( life / health / conspiracies )
I am very glad Trump made that order. See below. Here is something the WHO article I just got. Many of my posts were removed as false which means, obviously, this WHO article is fake, right? So I hop ... read more

Awaken And Shift Your Reality

( education / research / conspiracies )
I thought this was amazing. I never heard of her before but a new friend introduced me. THE END to GLOBAL MADNESS and FOUR CRITICAL STEPS to the New Earth with Landria Onkka Awaken and shift your reality by following these four steps. Everyone can do it. Learn how to Shift ... read more

Deep State Hiding In Plain Sight

( education / research / conspiracies )
The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, joins Bill Moyers to talk about what he calls Washington's Deep State, in which elected and unelected... ... read more

Hollywood Satanist-pedophiles

( education / research / conspiracies )
This was hard to find: List of names for the Epstein flight logs Note all the Hollywood names, mostly Democrat. This might be worth listening to an mp3 version while doing other things. Psychic Sloan's so ... read more

Some Interesting Facts From Europe

( life / health / conspiracies )
To what do they attribute the higher mortality in migrant neighborhoods? Nutrition? The 93 page scientific report by a combination of several German universities showed clearly that the total of deaths involving influenza like illnesses in Germany this year are 20% LESS than last year. You see the same right now on the ... read more

Enough Is Enough

( education / research / conspiracies )
Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp discussing the deep state, NWO and much more. ... read more

How To Shop Without A Mask

( life / health / conspiracies )
This is one of the most common questions I get -- so I want to make sure you know my EXACT steps!. Click here to watch HOW TO SHOP WITHOUT A MASK You might ... read more

Dangers Of Ideology

( education / research / conspiracies )
from Dec 2, 2016 via Jordan Peterson on the dangers of ideology Tyranny, one tiny step at a time - How ideology, group identity & collective guilt destroy societies ... read more

High Profile European Pathologist Says They Haven't Identified Any Antibodies Specific For SARS-CoV-2

( life / health / conspiracies )
via collective-evolution.com/2020/07/06/high-profile-european-pathologist-no-one-has-died-from-coronavirus/The president of the Bulgarian Pathology Association, Dr. Stoian Alexov, has calle ... read more

Our Assumptions Are Wrong

( life / health / conspiracies )
This is an amazing biological discussion that will affect the health of all people - MUST SEE Zach Bush MD is a physician specialising in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognised educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems. D ... read more

To Wear Or Not To Wear

( life / health / conspiracies )
My attitude is simple: Wear a mask if you are worried, but leave the rest of us alone to breathe in peace. And, anyone who fell for this pandemic probably also fell for the Arabs with box-cutters and negligible flying skills pulled off the 9/11 attacks meme; Obama's hope and change or whatever he ca... read more

Plandemic Movie

( life / health / conspiracies / movies-tv )
Here is the movie Plandemic that YouTube and Facebook have censored: on bitchute.com Full PLANDEMIC Documentary COMING SUMMER 2020 Prior to the completion of the full-length documen... read more

My First Quarantine-related Run-in

( life / health / conspiracies )
I had my first run-in with a #coronanazi today at Wallgreen's. I was just trying to set my cokes down on the end of the counter rather than hold them while I waited in line. They were cold! But no, the cashier (in a mask) put up his hands and almost shouted, Please stand back! Social distancing! The customers (a man and his son) in ... read more

YouTube Is Banning Coronavirus Content That Contradicts The World Health Organization

( life / health / conspiracies )
I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are now living in a time where a digital authoritarian 'fact checker' is patrolling...click here for related articles. ... read more

Quite Possibly The Most Overblown Farce In History

( life / health / conspiracies )
via coronavirus hype The facts are: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others -- mostly the elderly -- and does nothing to the vast majority. That's it. The scientists le... read more

Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing "Big Pharma's" Influence Within The World

( life / health / conspiracies / politics )
via collective-evolution.com/2020/04/20/vimeo-bans-documentary-exposing-big-pharmas-influence-within-the-world-health-organization/Special note to reader ... read more

Thought For Today

( culture / quotes / health / conspiracies )
It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled! -- Mark Twain... read more

Unbelievers Protesting The Lockdown

( life / health / conspiracies )
on YouTube... until it's taken down Civil liberties group sues Riverside County over restrictions on religious gatherings... read more

RFK Jr Responds To Bill Gates's Vaccine Ideas

( life / health / conspiracies )
via Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds To Bill Gates' Statements On A Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his man ... read more

Wuflu Timeline

( life / health / conspiracies )
Dec 2019 -- Wuhan reports corona virus End of Oct 2019 -- Military World Games in Wuhan - see activistpost Oct 2019 Event 201 -- discussing pandemic&q... read more

Wuflu Survival Story

( life / health / conspiracies )
in case there's anything useful in here... An anonymous user suggests, Start taking 4 oregano oil capsules as soon as you start to get sick. See oregano oil On 3/16/20 2:39 AM I am told it causes permanent lung ... read more

Corona Virus Panic

( life / health / conspiracies )
Panic. Overreacting. Who needs terrorism when you have the news media to create a good old fashion panic? end of rant Just wash your hands regularly (as you should've been doing already) and don't touch any questionable people or objects with any part of your body (also as you should've been doing already). Wear a mask, if ... read more


( education / research / conspiracies )
... read more

Did CIA Director William Casey Really Say...

( education / research / conspiracies )
Yes, but it was a counter-espionage tactic against the Russiansvia quora.com/Did-CIA-Director-William-Casey-really-say-Well-know-our-disinformation-program-is-complete-when-everything-the-American-public-believes-is-false... read more

Just How Effective Is Shungite Against E

( education / research / conspiracies )
A video showing how effective shungite is against electromagnetic radiationvia youtu.be/I9SfCYjKp5g... read more

Autism Linked To Aluminum Adjuvants

( life / health / conspiracies )
via aluminum-vaccines-cause-autism We now have 5 years of medical research, mostly from outside the United States, incriminating aluminum adjuvants in vaccines as the SOLE cause of autism epidemic. JB Handley does a nice job laying out t... read more

Merck Accused Of Fraud Re Gardasil

( life / health / conspiracies )
They failed to clearly state... ... the minimal risk that, even once the individual was infected with the HPV virus, the infection would result in precancerous lesions... via greenmedi... read more

Links Google Doesn't Want You To Visit

( education / research / conspiracies )
Copied from governmentslaves.news NEWS & POLITICS ... read more

Seth Rich's Murder

( education / research / conspiracies )
via youtube.com/watch?vQ9zuA4B0dc It's been removed. Try here instead: on DuckDuckGo ... read more

Confirmed, Multiple ET Bases On Earth Stargate Program

( education / research / conspiracies )
This is pretty good. It has stuff he's never said before.via youtube.com/watch?vslQVSRRW-tA... read more

The Whys Behind The Ukraine Crisis

( education / news / politics / conspiracies )
Further supporting the natural gas motive is the fact that it was Vice President Joe Biden who demanded that President Yanukovych pull back his police on Feb. 21, a move that opened the way for the neo-Nazi militias and the U.S.-backed coup. Then, just three months later, Ukraine's largest private gas firm, Burisma Holdings,... read more

9-11 Explained In 5 Minutes

( education / research / conspiracies )
For those who still believe the official story.via 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory. Also, try this duckduckgo search.... read more

Gardasil And Cervarix Don't Work Are Dangerous

( life / health / conspiracies )
Gardasil and Cervarix don't work, are dangerous and weren't testedDr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines. ... read more

Think Tank Community Doing Its Best To Control The World

( life / money / economy / conspiracies )
Think tank community that's doing its best to control the worldThe corporate-policy network is highly centralized, at both the level of individuals and that of organizations. Its inner circle is a tightly interwoven ensemble of politically active business leaders; its organizational core includes the Trilateral Commission... read more

Vaccine Scandal Exposes Government Lies

( life / health / conspiracies )
... most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies. So they don't have the flu. A new giant vaccine scandal exposes government lies and psyops.... read more

Sleazy Real Estate Investors

( education / research / conspiracies )
via foreclosure-auction-scams It's almost like a conspiracy! Luckily, conspiracies never happen and all conspiracy theories lack credibility. :) <end of sarcasm> At the height of t... read more

The Confiscation Scheme Planned For US And UK

( education / research / conspiracies )
Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor's funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Our money becomes the bank's, and we become unsecured creditors holding IOUs or promises to pay. via ... read more

Rick Perrys Gardasil Problem

( life / health / conspiracies )
Rick Perry's Gardasil problem... his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and ... his chief of staff's mother-in-law ... was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck ... ... read more

Watching The Watchers

( education / research / conspiracies )
via ghostery.com/Keep an eye on who's keeping an eye on you at ghostery.com ... read more

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