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Uh-oh, Aldrin Admits It Was Animation

by steve - 2023-02-07 18:02:33 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild (3338)

The video is real short, less than a minute. Yeah, it's the Deep State/globalist demonic people who thrive on war and hate humanity (death and war are "blood sacrifices" to Satan)

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 09:59:13 AM PST:

I didn't watch it yet but secrecy of their crimes / scam was so high that many were killed to keep it from the public. And these are the same players as the JFK assassination PLUS the current covid scam and climate change scam. Yet somehow we can trust these criminal liars now. People are literally insane to trust them.

Subject: Re: uh-oh, Aldrin admits it was ANIMATION well, most "conspiracy theories" are Factual

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 07:35:24 AM PST, wrote:

Buzz Aldrin Must Have Finally Had Enough Tells The Truth It Was Animation

Watch or Read Here

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