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One Thousand Athletes

by doug - 2022-06-26 23:58:19 ( in education, news, emails, conspiracies) [php version] rebuild

This video shows 1000 athletes. The youngest I noticed was in 4th grade.

They all died during the "vaccine" push. Not all say why they died. I also noticed an NFL player from the Dallas Cowboys I remember died mysteriously this month. A huge number were playing soccer. Many mention the fact they had only recently been injected.

Is everyone blind and gullible enough to think the athletes now just die from heart attacks and it's normal?!

I'm signed up again to coach soccer for kids from 5-9 years old. I half expect some players on my teams will have a heart attack. It's just so sad this is the world we now have. Will the parents of a dead child finally realize the true cause of death or keep believing the false information and gaslighting of the media?

Maybe all children who got injected should have a heart exam to see if they are healthy enough to play sports now.

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