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Pancakes By Greg

( life / health / food / recipes )
I grate about half an apple in the pancake mix (Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free). Plus, add cinnamon spice. To my almond milk, I add about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and set aside. It adds flavor. Also I put about a ½ cup of chopped walnuts. Yummy!... read more


( life / health / food / recipes )
Markowitz palacsintas recipe. (pronounced pah-lah-CHIN-tuhz). Makes 4 or 5.beat well 2 eggsAdd a pinch of salt½ teaspoon sugarbeat/mix in blender until has a loose consistency.Add ½ cup water and some flour while mixing, until thick enoughAs a test, dip spoon into mix and let the mixture d... read more

California State Fair Tacos

( life / health / food / recipes )
1 potato (about 4 inches long)¼ head lettuce3 cloves garlic6 green onions1 pound lean ground beef1 cup water½ small can green chiliesSalt and pepper12 - 14 white corn tortillasVegetable oil... read more

Bill's Salsa Chicken & Rice

( life / health / food / recipes )
Bill's Salsa Chicken & Rice I've been making this for years, and thought I'd share it, finally. Here's my recipe and the quantity I usually make:Six chicken breasts with skin, baked in plastic cooking bags at 400°F for about an hour (depending on your oven).Six servings of r... read more

Don's "Orange Julius"

( life / health / food / recipes )
Place ½ cup orange juice concentrate in blenderFill 2 cup container ½ full with ice cubesAdd water to make 2 cups and pour into blenderAdd 1 teaspoon vanilla extractAdd 8 teaspoons sugarBlend on LOW speed until ice thoroughly crushed... read more

Easy Deviled Eggs

( life / health / food / recipes )
Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, resealkeep mashing it up mixing thoroughlycut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg.... read more

Ronica's Oregano Chicken

( life / health / food / recipes )
This is fast and easy. It is good over rice or noodles.¼ cup butter¼ cup lemon juice2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce2 tablespoon soy sauce1 ½ teaspoon dried oregano1 large clove garlic, crushedCombine all ingredients and pour over chicken in 13 x 9 baking dish. Bake covered at 375 fo... read more

Ronica's Maple Roasted Chicken

( culture / food / recipes )
4 large skinless chicken thighs or breasts3 potatoes cut into chunks1 medium onion cut into small pieces1 bag baby carrots¼ cup maple syrup1 teaspoon salt½ teaspoon pepperCombine all ingredients in roasting pan and toss to coat. Cook 40-45 minutes covered at 450 degrees. Stir once about ha ... read more

Nutty Grain And Oat Bars

( life / health / food / recipes )
I need to try this. Too bad I hate cooking so much. I eat way too many snacks at work, but at least these are healthy. The snack machine and I have had a falling out (it no longer recognizes my shopper's card), so now's a good time to try this."We can't stress it enough: Pack the mixture as t... read more

Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year

( life / health / food / recipes )
Five Tasty Ways to Eat Your Tomato Harvest All Year"Hello tomato harvest time. If your garden (or farmer's market, or neighbor's garden) is suddenly overwhelming you with fresh tomatoes, don't be intimidated, start filling the pantry."... read more


( life / health / food / recipes )
This just in: turmeric and black pepper together Kind Earth Recipes by AnastasiaCheap, healthy :Divine CarolineCheap Healthy GoodFast Cheap Healthy Cheaper, easier to find supersRound-Up-resistant weedsMake your own Gatorade for a fraction of the costHow long can you keep things on the shelf?Monsa... read more

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