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Should I Capitalize That Dog Breed Name?

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In a word, no. See ... read more

Word Hippo

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Useful site here: Word Hippo. "Thesaurus and word tools for your creative needs." ... read more

This Week's Literacy Rant

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OK, people, the word is led (when pronounced led) not lead unless you're referring to the metal. I'm not surprised to see this in social media where it's acceptable (cool, even) to be completely illiterate, but I keep seeing it in news articles written by supposed journalists. ... read more

Lingmo Language Translator

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Wow, I want one of these! Real ... read more


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Trampoline ends in "ine" not "ene" as I had thought. Just FYI for next time someone tells you that's the wi-fi password and you can't get online to loo ... read more

Her Own Language

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I love how my daughter, Elizabeth, 9, makes up words. Tonight I was complimenting her on what a good fruit smoothie she'd just made. I said she should always try to remember how much of each ingredient she used so she can make it again. So, she was going through the list of ingredients: two bananas, some of those honeydew melon pieces, a pynk ... read more

Musical Sign Language Interpreters

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That must be some fast signing. I'd like to see that. I guess they show the beat by tapping their feet? It's got me curious. We are SO excited to tell y'all that Musical Sign Language Interpreters will be at this weeks show.. and it is... ... read more

Mystery Solved

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I solved an old mystery today, thanks to one of the Russian language podcasts I've been listening to lately. It's a phase I'm going through. I'm starting to listen to Hindi, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese, too. I guess I'm doing all of the ... read more


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Language-related articles on this site Names in their own tongue and script, via Language names in their own tongue and script "The table shows native/local names for languages in their own scripts, or autoglott ... read more


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. Cool website for those who like words. I love how they provide samples from actual articles on the internet.And they actually provide an answer to links like the one above. claims to be the most comprehensive English dicti ... read more


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(DING-kuhm) Dinkum, also dinky-di, fair dinkum, adjective True; honest; genuine. Etymology Probably derived, like many other Australian words, from English dialect. The counties of Lincolnshire and Derbyshire had a word or dincum meaning work; a fair share of work. The word was first recorded in Australia in Rolf Boldrew ... read more


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(par-si-MO-nee-uhs) adjective: Excessively sparing or frugal. Etymology From Middle English parcimony, from Latin parsimonia, from parcere (to spare). First recorded use: 1598. Usage President Calvin Coolidge was so with words that he became known as 'Silent Cal'. — Rob Christe ... read more

Lesson For Today

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There is an old hotel/pub in Marble Arch, London which used to have gallows adjacent. Prisoners were taken to the gallows (after a fair trial, of course) to be hung. The horse-drawn dray carting the prisoner was accompanied by an armed guard who would stop the dray outside the pub and ask the prisoner if he would like ONE LAST DRINK. If he sa ... read more

Award-winning English Prose

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Every year, English teachers from across the USA can submit their collections of actual analogies and metaphors found in high school essays. These excerpts are published each year to the amusement of teachers across the country. Here are last year's winners. 1. Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed ... read more

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