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This Is Why You Will Always Be Smarter Than Artificial Intelligence

by admin - 2022-08-16 05:23:24 ( in education, news) [php version]

[Updated: 2022-08-16 14:17:00]

Good article!


" has become popular to believe that AI might one day surpass human cognition. AI, after all, can compare (judge) and combine data (reason) better than we can, so if that is, in fact, all that the mind does, then surely we better sound the alarm. But of course, such a view ignores the most obvious and crucial aspect of the mind, which is its ability to understand the essence or meaning of things. In fact, without this capacity, there is no judging or reasoning at all. In other words, it is because we first understand something that we can go on to judge and reason about it."

Read, listen to or watch the rest here: this-is-why-you-will-always-be-smarter-than-artificial-intelligence

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