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'Big Mistake': Italy Blasts European Commission Chief, Says Europe Needs 'great Marshall Plan' To Battle Pan

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Italy's economy minister has clashed with European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen after she said that the EU is not planning to issue 'co ... read more

Satellite Images Show Massive Reductions In Air Pollution Over European Cities

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New data captured by the ESA Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite shows a strong reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations over major European cities ... read more

European "right To Repair" Law To Cover Phones And Tablets

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The EU has unveiled steps it is taking to move towards a circular economyThe post European "right to repair" law to cover phones and table ... read more

European Stocks Mostly Down Despite Promise Of Huge Stimulus By Central Bank

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Markets in Europe opened higher on Thursday, but have since retreated. This is despite the 750 billion ($821 billion) bond-buying program by ... read more

Fiat Chrysler Halts Auto Production Across Most Of Europe

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Car industry giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is suspending production across most of its European plants through March 27. The decision follows ... read more


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Nashville  — June, 1996I planned everything in advance. Or so I thought. I bought my round-trip plane ticket three months in advance. I "surfed The Web" and researched whatever I could find regarding my destination cities and countries. I bought renter's insurance for the apartment, a video camera, a new suit for the w ... read more

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