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Birthday Party

by bill - 2008-04-17 ( family / holmes / elizabeth / birthdays )

Well, Elizabeth's birthday party is this Saturday. She'll be 3, and it'll be her first "real" party. It'll be outside at a covered table next to a playground in a nearby park. I can't tell you here on the Internet exactly where this park is because you might be a murderer or child molester. You know who you are.

Anyway, let's hope it's better weather than it's been since last Saturday. Winter has returned temporarily. Blackberry winter, I think they call it. Good thing we hadn't planted anything yet, though I do keep meaning to plant tomatoes and zucchini. I'm thinking about planting grapes, too, but those take years before they bear fruit, don't they? Maybe I should plant hops and barley, too, so I can make my own beer? Just kidding.

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Elizabeth has obviously grown a lot! It looks like she had fun at her birthday party. - Lucy, 2008-04-29 09:49:38
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