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A Warning To Students About Being Pressured Into Taking The Experimental Covid Shot

by doug - 2021-03-27 ( life / health / covid / vaccines ) [html version]

I just posted this because I know a college student who may choose the suicide vax if they "demand" it for next year.

As students plan for next year, one thing they must decide -- LIFE OR DEATH -- and I AM

not exaggerating.

I personally know some students who could face the choice to get the suicide vax in order to attend school. No, it's never mandatory, but we all see the direction the world is pushing things. They try to force it.

Israel is not mandatory, either, but just try to object and the CITIZENS are going to go after you like rabid animals.

I personally know someone saying in November that says she will require anyone who wants to stay at her Air BNB to have already taken the poison jab. I mentioned she is shooting herself in the foot because many will refuse to stay there.

If you are not fully aware of the situation yet, you should know THERE IS NO APPROVAL BY THE FDA FOR ANY covid VAX. The only thing is the Emergency Use Authorization which is like a "right to try" that is often something that people on their death bed may want because they are surely going to die and if some new drug is available on a right to try basis which could save their life, what is there to lose?

You should also know NOBODY CAN FORCE YOU TO TAKE ANY VACCINE. But there are employers who illegally are trying to do it. You have to know how to stand your ground. You must know your rights and you can take legal action against them. They have to back off.

VACCINE MAKERS HAVE NO LIABILITY for their poisons. So they have no incentive to make a safe product. Fauci and everyone who says different are flat out lying to the public. They have protection from something called the PREP Act which went into effect during the emergency of covid. And all these companies have been found guilty many times in court for lying, fake science, fraud, and killing people. No joking. They have paid billions, but they are so rich they can handle it as the cost of doing business.

The poison/suicide covid vax is not even really a vaccine to begin with. It's "gene therapy" but they call it a vax to get that blanket liability protection. Without that we could sue their ass for billions.

Students of every age, or their parents, must choose between life and death. Of course, if they are not aware it is that serious, they may choose death and take the vax. But as sure as day that is a death sentence, but it could be slow and might be painful, if not quick. Don't just believe me. There are now thousands of deaths recorded in the CDC's own VAERS database which anyone can see online. The UK has their own similar database. Most of all, the media and governments are all desperately trying to keep all these serious reactions quiet. Why? It's because they are in the middle of their global depopulation agenda.

All this is fact and all provable, but many refuse to see what is hitting them in the face. They are completely brainwashed by the media and can't conceive their own governments don't have their best interests in mind. There is a lot of evil in the world and it's out in the full light of day now -- out of the shadows.

The only question is can you see it?

The famous Dr. Judy Mikovits predicted last summer, maybe about June, that there would be 50 million deaths from the poison vax and that is just the USA alone. Dr. Tenpenny thought that was high, but now thinks it is going to be even more.

People investigate the quality of a car more thoroughly than injections in their own body. But a mistake in accepting an injection can kill you right away (within minutes), hours, days, months, or maybe even drag out over a year. The many thousands of deaths and injuries found in VAERS will crush any thoughts the poison jab is safe.

And did you know these companies are still conducting trials? They won't be done until 3 years, so they are EXPERIMENTAL and anyone who gets jabbed is put into their tracking database and into their trial.

Are you no better than an experimental lab rat? I hope you are.

Now that you should know it's a choice between life or death, if your job is trying to make you take it or a school, you can sue your employer, quit your job and find an honest employer, postpone your college, pull your child out of school and do just home school, etc. Nothing but your own pure ignorance would actually force you to play Russian Roulette with your life.

So get out of that situation. Walk away, or even run. Don't become another death stat by the globalists trying to cull the population in order to have our beautiful Earth as their private playground.

There are now countless videos discussing all the things I have mentioned above. Educate yourself if you have any doubts. Don't believe me. It's all out there for you to read. If you don't do it I guess you are too lazy to be alive.

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