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Music Page

by bill - 2008-04-15 ( culture / music ) [html version]

Five apps that should make middlemen nervous

Radio Page

by bill - 2008-04-22 ( culture / music / radio ) [html version]

Online Radio stations


from Don (ca. 2010)

As broadcast radio continues to drive itself into self-extinction with their worship of mediocrity (the new American disease), there's a new type of radio called satellite radio. You can buy a satellite radio for your car and subscribe. Not sure about availability for your area. But you can go to and listen to some good programming, free on your computer. All their programmers are supposed to be really into whatever type of music they program, so it's music by and for music lovers, apparently, rather than music haters ... I mean businessmen.


from Don (ca. 2010)

I finally broke down and got XM Radio for the car. Read, listen or watch the rest here: and listen to what kind of stations they have. Only $200 for a Delphi setup at Best Buy, plus $10 a month. The Loft and XM Cafe are probably my favorite stations. Deep Tracks has the lesser-known oldies. Quite a few hard and alternative type rock. Also there are the various decade channels, which are all hits from that decade. There are comedy channels and talk also, but I haven't checked them out yet. Good jazz, blues and classical. Haven't heard a commercial yet, but some stations supposedly have some. There's no going back to FM! I don't even consider FM to be MUSIC anymore - it's just advertising and noise. Anybody who drives a lot (lives in So. Cal) NEEDS this. The Delphi receiver's the way to go because you can move the receiver around from car to home or to another car.

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Old Music, Newly Uploaded

by bill - 2008-10-01 ( culture / music / piano ) [html version]

[Updated: 2022-06-09 01:02:15]

Here's some piano music I've composed over the years, mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. I rarely play nowadays. None of the compositions (if you can call them that) had names until just now. And none of it is very professionally played or recorded, but it's all I could do!

Still, all rights reserved by me. Feel free to download and play them, but if you use them professionally/monetarily in any way, you'll need my permission first.


Almost -- Almost (part 2) -- Awesome Drum Solo -- Big Decision -- Catch Me If You Can -- Cowboy -- Life is Usually Good -- Midvale Avenue -- Never-Ending Suite -- Over and Under -- Pondering -- Ride 'Em -- Sad But Hopeful -- Stumbling Speedskater -- Through the Tunnel -- Twinkle Toes -- Uh Oh -- Watch Out

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Mr. Happy's 18th Annual Unusual Christmas Music Podcast

by bill - 2009-12-06 ( culture / music / radio / holidays ) [html version]

Seasons Greetings,

You can "tune in" via your favorite mp3 player to the show: radio show

What can you expect to hear? About 500 songs (over 24 hours of non-repeat music!) that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • musicians I like that happened to make a Christmas song (e.g. Ride, Teenage Fanclub, Thin White Rope, Julian Cope, Go-Betweens, Jazz Butcher, Wedding Present)
  • musicians YOU actually heard of who made the odd holiday song (e.g. REM, Beatles, Run DMC, Cyndi Lauper, Ramones, Killers, Neil Young, Prince)
  • songs that fly in the face of tradition and celebrate/mock something like consumerism (e.g. "X-mas at K-Mart," "Burn down the Malls," "I Hope I Sell A Lot of Records (at Christmastime)")
  • songs that are seeped in tradition played in an unusual way (e.g. "We Three Kings" to an synth-pop, electro-dance beat, "Silver Bells" as an up tempo punk jingle)
  • beautifully performed standards (e.g. "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" by Belle & , "Coventry Carol" by Alison Moyet)
  • truly original xmas music (e.g. "My First Christmas As A Woman" by the Vandals, "Santa Claus" by Throwing Muses which is an awkward yearning for the man in the big red suit)
  • Christmas around the world (e.g. songs about Christmas In...Copenhagen, Fallujah, Haiti, Heaven, Hell, Hollis, Jail, Nevada, New Zealand, Paradise, Prison, Suburbia, Tunisia, Vietnam, Waikiki)
  • holiday songs are not just for Christians anymore (e.g. "The Chanukkah Scoot" by Bunnygrunt, "Santa Doesn't Come to Little Jewish Children's Houses" by the Yid Kids, "What we do on Christmas" by Atom & His Package)
  • not the barking dogs variety novelty record (e.g. Weird Al Yankovic, Mojo Nixon, Joey Ramone, Martin Mull, Monty Python, Dread Zeppelin)
  • so bad it hard to believe (e.g. The cast of the TV show Bonanza, RuPaul, Ted Franko, Wesley Willis, Debbie Dab, Bryan Adams )
  • so rare, it took me years to track down, and even if it's not very good - it's really, really hard to find (e.g. New Order's "Ode to Joy" from 1982 limited edition flexi-disc handed to Manchester,England club goers upon entrance to a Christmas party)
  • bands that have many Christmas songs (e.g. The Fall, Low, St. Etienne, Sufjan Stevens, They Might Be Giants, XTC, Yo La Tengo, Flaming Lips)
  • and the wildcard - "it sounded good at the time"

Sure. I know what you are thinking. "18 years and it still sounds that bad?" Yes, like a fine wine that's been opened year after's basically vinegar by now. My motto is that there is something to offend everyone!

Cheers and happy holidays. Mr Happy

aka Michael

To tune in with iTunes (you don't need to use iTunes - this should work with any mp3 player such as winamp, real, etc.)

  1. copy the url: href="/
  2. open iTunes
  3. Under the Advanced menu select "Open Audio Stream"
  4. paste in the above url
  5. hit "OK"

At this point you should be able to see the show name, artist & song titles. Let me know if you need help configuring.

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Newly Discovered Radio Station

by bill - 2009-12-08 ( culture / music / radio ) [html version]

I just got my car back from the shop. $1500. Ouch!

On the way home, though, I turned on the radio. All my preset stations were gone. Right. Whenever they reset the onboard computer, it resets my radio station presets. Kinda weird that it would, actually. Doesn't the radio have its own "memory" separate from the car's computer? Apparently not.

Anyway, punching the buttons just to see what the radio decided to set for me, I happened upon 107.9, apparently known as Q108. They were actually playing songs from this decade! And it wasn't rap/crap! No way! Yes, way. The reception is spotty here because the station actually comes out of Clarksville. I guess they've got that large younger population stationed at Fort Campbell that they're catering to. Anyway, I love it.

So, for those odd occasions when I forget my MP3 player and am forced to listen to broadcast radio, I'll tune in 107.9, so long as it comes in. Or, I can go to and listen through the internet.

Speaking of which, I came across an article yesterday about internet radio in your car! It was being offered by Blaupunkt in partnership with someone else. Unfortunately, it was only offered in Australia, apparently. Even there I'm not sure it ever came to fruition. Sure would be nice, though, assuming the 3G reception is acceptable. Then again, if you're going to pay for a 3G connection, you'd might as well go with Sirius XM radio. I used to have that, and loved it. It's just that when I had to start tightening my budget, that was one of the first things to go. God, I hate budget tightening! :)

But I digress ...

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New MP3 Player for My Car

by bill - 2010-01-18 ( culture / music / tech / auto ) [html version]

I am now the proud owner of this very cool device, here.

Thanks to Heather and Brady for the suggestion!

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Lies Lies Lies

by bill - 2013-07-10 ( culture / music / conspiracies ) [html version]

Lyrics from a Frank Zappa song:

"You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don't need you
Don't go for hel one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold"cheese it, the cops!: lies lies lies.

"also, if you have any tendency to be satisfied with Obama etc's reassurances about all the limits and warrants that are supposedly in place, you have really lost your mind. how many times do people have to lie, evade, distort, before you stop believing them? it's their job to lie: it's their sworn oath to lie by their own account; by their own definitions, it is treason not to lie. they're currently lying about the fact that they were lying to you before. and yet you take them seriously."

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Musical Sign Language Interpreters

by bill - 2013-08-05 ( education / language / help / music ) [html version]

That must be some fast signing. I'd like to see that. I guess they show the beat by tapping their feet? It's got me curious. - Nashville Dancin' (@NashvilleDancin) July 31, 2013

All-Time Favorite Songs

by bill - 2015-05-31 ( culture / music ) [html version]

Or, what I'd want on my MP3 player if stuck on a deserted island (with rechargeable batteries and a solar-powered battery charger). A bunch of songs have been left off simply because they've been played to death. Some songs are on here only because I like (try) to sing along, or maybe it has a killer riff/refrain/sequence but the rest of the song is nothing special. :) This page uses affiliate links, which means we earn a tiny (and I do mean tiny) commission if you make a purchase after clicking that link.

The list, in alphabetical order, is as follows:

  • A Day in the Life - The Beatles
  • Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
  • Ain't That a Shame - Cheap Trick
  • All Of Me - John Legend
  • All Of Me - Willie Nelson
  • All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye - John Mayer
  • American Girl - Tom Petty
  • American Pie - Don McLean
  • Baby Hold On - Dixie Chicks
  • Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen
  • Bad - U2
  • Baila Me - Gipsy Kings
  • Bambaleo - Gipsy Kings
  • Beat It - Michael Jackson
  • Beautiful - Christina Aguilera
  • Been In Love Before - Cutting Crew
  • Believe - Cher
  • Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello
  • Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  • Bitch - Meredith Brooks
  • Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
  • Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
  • Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
  • Boys of Summer - Don Henley
  • Broken Wings - Mr. Mister
  • Burn Down the Mission - Elton John
  • Can't Speak French - Girls Aloud
  • Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band
  • Casual Conversations - Supertramp
  • Children Of The World - Amy Grant
  • China Girl - David Bowie
  • Classical Gas - Mason Williams
  • Coast Of Marseilles - Jimmy Buffett
  • Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
  • Coming to America - Airo
  • Constant Craving - k.d. lang
  • Corinna, Corinna - George Winston
  • Crocodile Rock - Elton John
  • Cruel To Be Kind - Nick Lowe
  • Crying - Roy Orbison with k.d. lang
  • Daughters - John Mayer
  • Day After Day - The Alan Parsons Project
  • Desire - U2
  • Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew
  • Diving To Be Deeper - Sinéad Lohan
  • Do You Believe In Love - Huey Lewis
  • Dog Days Are Over - Florence The Machine
  • Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra
  • Don't Leave Home - Dido
  • Don't Let It Show - The Alan Parsons Project
  • Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda
  • Downstream - Supertramp
  • Drifting - Enya
  • Drive - The Cars
  • Driving With the Brakes On - Del Amitri
  • Every Kinda People - Robert Palmer
  • Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young
  • Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.
  • Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen
  • Everybody's Talkin' at Me - Harry Nilsson
  • Everyone Will Crawl - Charlie Sexton
  • Faith - George Michael
  • Fallen - Delerium
  • Fantasy - Earth
  • Father Figure - George Michael
  • Feel - Marié Digby
  • Fernando - ABBA
  • Fly at Night - Chilliwack
  • Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt and Scruggs
  • Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
  • From Rusholme With Love - Mint Royale
  • Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John
  • Girl - The Beatles
  • Give a Little Bit - Supertramp
  • Give It Everything - Al Green
  • Going Up The Country - Canned Heat
  • Hallelujah - Lind, Holm, Fuentes, Nilsen
  • Hamburg Song - Keane
  • Happy Xmas - John Lennon
  • Harmony - Elton John
  • Have A Little Faith In Me - John Hiatt
  • Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Bublé
  • Help Me Rhonda - Beach Boys
  • Hey Ya! - Outkast
  • Hold On Tight - Electric Light Orchestra
  • Holding Back the Tears - Simply Red
  • Home - Afrikan Dreamland
  • Home - Marc Broussard
  • Home - Michael Bublé
  • Hurt - Christina Aguilera
  • I Believe In Love (Evil Queen Mix) - Lily Collins
  • I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins
  • I Don't Want To Talk About It - Rod Stewart
  • I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
  • I Started a Joke - The Bee Gees
  • I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
  • I Wish - Stevie Wonder
  • I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins
  • I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
  • Imagine - John Lennon
  • Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
  • In The Mood - Glenn Miller
  • Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
  • Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) - A.R. Rahman
  • Joey - Concrete Blonde
  • Joy - George Winston
  • Just What I Needed - The Cars
  • Lady In Red - Chris De Burgh
  • Levon - Elton John
  • Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
  • Lights - Journey
  • Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
  • Lucky - Jason Mraz with Colbie Caillat
  • Luna de Paris - DiBlasio
  • Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin
  • Mandinka - Sinéad O'Conner
  • Maneater - Hall and Oates
  • Marble Halls - Enya
  • Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
  • Meanin' So Much - Burton Cummings
  • Mississippi - Train
  • Modern Love - David Bowie
  • Moondance - Van Morrison
  • Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens
  • Mr Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan
  • Mr. Jones - Counting Crows
  • On the Road Again - Canned Heat
  • On the Road Again - Willie Nelson
  • One - U2
  • One Moment More - Mindy Smith
  • Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
  • Only Time - Enya
  • One Tree Hill - U2
  • Part of the Union - Strawbs
  • Pretty Woman - Van Halen
  • Release - Afro Celt Sound System
  • Restoration Medley - Paul Cardall
  • Roads To Moscow - Al Stewart
  • Rocket Man - Elton John
  • Rock The Boat - Hues Corporation
  • Rods and Cones - Blue Man Group
  • Round Here - Counting Crows
  • Sacred Love - Airo
  • Samba Pa Ti - Santana
  • Sandman - George Winston
  • Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
  • School - Supertramp
  • Shadowboxer - Fiona Apple
  • Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
  • Shake It Out - Florence The Machine
  • Shameless - Garth Brooks
  • She's Always a Woman - Billy Joel
  • She's Gone - Hall and Oates
  • She's the One - Bruce Springsteen
  • Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
  • Some Guys Have All The Luck - Rod Stewart
  • Something Better - Chilliwack
  • Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
  • Stop and Stare - OneRepublic
  • Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen
  • Sunset Grill - Don Henley
  • Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns n' Roses
  • Tell Her This - Del Amitri
  • Thanksgiving - George Winston
  • That's The Way I Like It - K.C. and The Sunshine Band
  • The Living Years - Mike and The Mechanics
  • The Story - Brandi Carlile
  • This Is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas
  • To Ramona - Sinéad Lohan
  • Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
  • Turn Me Loose - Loverboy
  • Turn To Stone - Electric Light Orchestra
  • Under the Wishing Tree - Charlie Sexton
  • Veronica - Elvis Costello
  • Vincent - Don McLean
  • Viva La Vida (Live) - Coldplay
  • Wait and See - Canned Heat
  • Walking On A Thin Line - Huey Lewis
  • Weight of the World (Live) - Blue October
  • What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
  • When Doves Cry - Prince
  • Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
  • With or Without You - U2
  • Without You - Harry Nilsson
  • Wonderful World - Israel Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys
  • You and I Both - Jason Mraz
  • You Make My Dreams - Hall and Oates
  • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles

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    One of the All-time Great Rock Era Lyricists

    by bill - 2017-03-08 ( culture / music / lyrics ) [html version]

    Listening to Don Henley this morning. He is one of the all-time great lyricists/poets. Just thought I'd say so. Then Don McLean came on, so... ?? Of course, they can both be among the greatest, but Henley is probably THE greatest.

    And then there's my brother Don (known professionally as Aaron Holmes), who is a pretty good lyricist. So, maybe it's a "Don" thing?

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    USB Turntable

    by bill - 2018-02-22 ( culture / music / tech ) [html version]

    I'm buying one of these: USB turntable. I've been wanting to convert my old vinyl records to MP3 for quite a while now. I hope it works!

    UPDATE: I wish I'd read this first:

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    Good Album

    by bill - 2019-03-21 ( culture / music / pop ) [html version]

    Dido's latest (here) is pretty good, FYI, if you generally like her music.

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    Mongolian Throat Singing

    by bill - 2019-04-15 ( culture / music ) [html version]

    This (Wolf Totem by The HU) is wild. Surprisingly catchy... and a little bit scary. My daughter says it sounds like it's from a horror movie. :)

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    Knots by Anna Nalick

    by bill - 2019-06-16 ( culture / music ) [html version]

    Wow, great vocals. My current favorite

    Here it is at YouTube.

    Maybe one of these links (here or here) will work for you if you have Amazon Prime.

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    Music by a Brother

    by bill - 2020-02-17 ( culture / music / country ) [html version]

    Music by one of my brothers:

  • 'Til the Morning Comes
  • Old Glory

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  • Music by a Nephew (and Friends)

    by bill - 2020-03-16 ( culture / music / reggae ) [html version]

    Thomas and friends, a.k.a. OneSol are on Facebook, YouTube, BandMix, ReverbNation, and iTunes... somewhere.

    "Cali Reggae Surf Rock Jam Band. Reggae influenced rock music you can vibe with. Conscious lyrics laid over solid beats paired with funky bass lines. Keys drop sweet bubble that sets the mood for guitar riffs and vocals to charge. Good Vibes."

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    Music by An Old Friend

    by bill - 2020-05-16 ( culture / music / country ) [html version]

    Terry Dan

    Click here for YouTube or here for Facebook.

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    Cassette Tape Converted to Mp3

    by bill - 2020-06-27 ( culture / music / tech ) [html version]

    [Updated: 2021-02-16 13:10:59]

    Cool! I am getting one of these. I am including an affiliate link here. This sounds like a scam post, but I really am going to buy this! :)

    UPDATE: Piece of crap. Do NOT waste your time or money. There is a constant hum in the background of my sample recorded songs (side 1 of End of the Innocence, FYI). The FF and REW buttons are switched, so it took a minute to figure out how to get to the start of the tape. And, topping it off, it looked like it was about to mangle the tape. When I stopped the rewind and pulled the cassette out, the ribbon was twisted.

    On the subject of converting, this site seems good for converting various digital formats from one to the other. They do more than just MP4 to FLV, but this is the link I'm using right now: MP4 to FLV Converter

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    Blue Ashes Music

    by bill - 2021-05-25 ( culture / music / rock ) [html version]

    [Updated: 2022-09-23 10:27:19]

    These guys played in my neighborhood today (still playing, actually) for the neighborhood pool party. They're pretty good, so I thought I'd mention them here. And, apparently, one of my neighbors (or at least someone local) had to step up and fill in for someone. The website only shows the lead singer and one guy, but it's a four-piece band.

    Their website is

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    Favorite Lines from Songs/lyrics

    by bill - 2021-08-04 ( culture / music / lyrics / quotes ) [html version]

    [Updated: 2021-11-02 12:24:12]

    Obviously a work in progress but, here goes... in no particular order. Lyrics verified on PLEASE add your own by leaving a comment below!

    "You gave me nothing, now it's all I got." from One by U2

    "If you're sleeping, are you dreaming? If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me?" from Calling You by Blue October

    "Used-to-be's don't count anymore, they just lay on the floor 'til we sweep them away." from You Don't Bring Me Flowers by Neil Diamond

    "No matter what I say, you'll ignore me anyway. I might as well talk in my sleep." from Casual Conversations by Supertramp

    "Had a dream it was war, but they couldn't tell me what it was for." from Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) by Roger Hodgson

    "Sometimes I think too much, but say nothing at all." from Tell Her This by Del Amitri

    "Step out the front door like a ghost into the fog, where no one notices the contrast of white on white." from Round Here by Counting Crows

    "I could surrender but I'd... Just be pretending, no I'd... Rather be dead than live a lie... Burn the white flag!" from White Flag by Joseph

    "Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems there's nothing there at all. You just seem older than yesterday, and you're waiting for tomorrow to call." from Roy Rogers by Elton John

    Along those same lines (no pun intended), see One of the All-Time Great Rock Era Lyricists

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    John Lennon Quote

    by bill - 2021-08-08 ( culture / quotes / music ) [html version]

    "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

    -- John Lennon

    UPDATE: Now, after watching Inventing Anna on Netflix, the above quote actually came from Yoko Ono? I don't know.

    Sell Your Albums and Cds

    by bill - 2021-12-09 ( culture / music / media / site ) [html version]

    They've probably had this for years, but I just discovered that you can sell your music albums and CDs on, which I thought was pretty cool. Here's a sample link, though it obviously doesn't have to be this album:

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    Music to manifest miracles in your life

    by don - 2022-03-30 ( education / research ) [html version]

    this is a good sound track for visualizing meditation

    Randy Bachman Reunited with Stolen Guitar... 46 Years On

    by bill - 2022-07-21 ( culture / music / guitar ) [html version]

    A happy guitar story!

    "'With that guitar, I wrote many million-selling songs... it was like my magical guitar. And then when it's suddenly gone, the magic is gone.'"

    Read, listen or watch the rest here:

    The Pyramids Were Giant Musical Instruments

    by admin - 2022-07-22 ( education / research / science / sound ) [html version]


    "Ancient people used sound power. It's less power than what we are used to, but ten thousand years ago this would've been revolutionary. When they weren't mechanically generating sound, they used choruses to chant a single tone. To this day people still gather and chant a single tone."

    Read, listen or watch the rest here

    Country Star John Rich Bypasses Woke Labels, Releases Song on Truth Social, Rumble, and Soars to No. 1

    by don - 2022-08-03 ( culture / music / country / politics ) [html version]

    Really great story about music and what Nashville has become.

    Read, listen or watch the rest here: john rich bypasses woke labels

    #1 Country Song? (Catchy and True)

    by doug - 2023-06-12 ( culture / music / country / politics ) [html version]

    I just heard about it today. YouTube has been falsely reducing the views, so it has broken the million views mark many different times, according to the artist.

    Here's the song:

    Watch on YouTube

    It reached the top of iTunes as of mid-March. And the artist was interviewed on this show which I found was interesting:

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