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Old Music, Newly Uploaded

by bill - 2008-09-29 ( culture / music )

Here's some piano music I've composed over the years, mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. I rarely play nowadays. None of the compositions (if you can call them that) had names until just now. And none of it is very professionally played or recorded, but it's all I could do!

Still, all rights reserved by me. Feel free to download and play them, but if you use them professionally/monetarily in any way, you'll need my permission first.

Enjoy: Almost -- Almost (part 2) -- Awesome Drum Solo -- Big Decision -- Catch Me If You Can -- Cowboy -- Life is Usually Good -- Midvale Avenue -- Never-Ending Suite -- Over and Under -- Pondering -- Ride 'Em -- Sad But Hopeful -- Stumbling Speedskater -- Through the Tunnel -- Twinkle Toes -- Uh Oh -- Watch Out

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