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Medicare Need To Know

by don - 2021-11-03 ( education / research ) [html version] rebuild

If you're already past 65't read this. But if you'll be turning 65,

when you're  required to sign up for Medicare, here's something I

learned through recent experience.

You have to choose one or the other, and will never be able to change

your mind. The least coverage but lowest monthly cost, is Medicare

Advantage. It'sadministered by  Blue Cross or some other private

company. It will be around $450 per quarter (around $135 a month) It's

basically a way for the health care companies to get in on the Medicare

gravy train.

The most expensive and best coverage is Medicare plus Medicare

Supplemental. That's closer to $200 a month, but every provider has to

take it. This is what i should have gotten instead of Medicare Advantage.

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