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Death By A Thousand Cuts

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Hacked pipeline still causing problems, but now the I-40 bridge over the Mississippi is closed, as well as the Mississippi itself. See Coast Guard close portion of Mississippi-River DISCLAIMER: We are not medical professionals but c... read more

Why Have Lumber Prices Skyrocketed?

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Here's a video showing huge quantities of lumber just stacked up and waiting. The current lumber shortage is apparently just another scam to artificially raise the price of wood (and further damage the economy). The first three ... read more

Andrew Torba: Time To Build Our Own Economy

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"The oligarchs believe they have destroyed American Populism by rigging an election, removing the movement's leader from public view, and by forcing everyone to stay locked inside for a year while the country burns down around us... read more

Who Wanted Lockdowns?

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"This virus is not Ebola and it has come nowhere near approaching the death rates associated with H1N1 of 1918. By some measures, it's not been as deadly as 1957-58, a virus that came and went without much public attention at all... read more

Three Ways To Put America Back To Work

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Great article here: Three-Ways-to-Put-America "In theory The Great Recession is history, but for those of us who live and work on Real Street the carnage and horror continues. On Real Street, outside the gated communities where ... read more

Screw Economies Of Scale!

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As I've said before, this country needs a new (or maybe just an enforced) Sherman Antitrust Act that will limit the size, influence and control of any one corporation. Having more companies means more jobs and, most importantly, mor... read more

The Virtual Recovery

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Read the rest of the article at intrepidreport.com. "... the low 2011 real median household income is the summation, in most cases, of two household earners, whereas in 1967-68 one earner could produce the same real income.... w... read more

Quantitative Easing, Explained

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dailybail.com/home/absolute-genius-make-this-go-viral-quantitative-easing-expla.html"The truth about quantitative easing. I just watched this again and laughed my a$$ off. Now with a ridiculous 5.2 million views on YouTube."... read more

Walmart, 50 Years Of Gutting America's Middle Class

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This (below) is why we hate Walmart.Too many people don't understand this. They just want low prices no matter the overall, long-run cost. Read the rest of the article at Walmart: 50 Years of Gutting America's Middle Class &quo... read more

The 1930s Chicago Plan Vs The American Monetary Act

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"If the purpose of money and credit were to discourage the exchange of goods and services, to destroy periodically the wealth produced, to frustrate and trip those who save, our present monetary system does that most effectively!... read more

Made In America No Longer

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American as apple pie items that are no longer made here: 19-iconic-products-that-america-doesnt-make-anymore... read more

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