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1-2-3 Day!

( life / miscellany / holidays )
Today is 1-2-3 day! January 23. Exciting, right? Just think, twenty-six years from today it'll be 1-2-3-4-5 day! I'll probably be dead by then, but somebody will enjoy it!... read more


( culture / holidays / christmas )
Saturnalia ... read more

Happy May Day

( culture / holidays / employment )
from Liberty Underground... "Today, May Day, honors the workers who produce all of the wealth. It is in honor of those involved in a general strike in Chi... read more

The Digital Story Of The Nativity

( culture / holidays / christmas )
The digital story of the nativity ... read more

Happy Father's Day

( family / holmes / elizabeth / holidays )
My daughter just made my day. Here's her card to me: ... read more

Happy New Year

( culture / holidays )
!New Year Countdown Singapore, New Year Celebrations Kick Off Worldwide. ... read more

Mr. Happy's 18th Annual Unusual Christmas Music Podcast

( culture / music / radio / holidays )
Seasons Greetings, You can tune in via your favorite mp3 player to the show: radio showWhat can you expect to hear? About 500 songs (over 24 hours of non-repeat music!) that fall into one or more of the following categories: musicians I like that happened to make... read more

Our First Outside Christmas Lights, Ever

( culture / holidays / christmas )
!That's it. No story. Here's the link: Our first outside Christmas lights ... read more

Halloween Pics

( family / holmes / elizabeth / holidays )
... read more

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