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Birthday Card From Grandpa

( family / holmes / elizabeth / birthdays )
Elizabeth received a birthday card from Grandpa today with $20 inside! She said, I love your dad! Tell him thank you very much! Your dad is rich! I wouldn't have thought such an old old person would have so much money!... read more

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 3

( family / holmes / lionel / birthdays )
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Old SacramentoOnce Bijou and her people hooked up with Elizabeth and her people, our first stop was a candy store called ... read more

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 2

( family / holmes / lionel / birthdays )
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 The ZooThe next morning, I was up before Elizabeth. I couldn't wait for her to wake up, so I snuck downstairs for some free coffee. She would have freaked out to wake up ... read more

Dad's 94th Birthday, Part 1

( family / holmes / lionel / birthdays )
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Going to CaliforniaA couple weeks ago for my Dad's 94th birthday, I brought my (almost) 8-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. A couple of family members would finally... read more

Lucy's Birthday

( family / holmes / birthdays )
Today's my sister Lucy's birthday. She must be having a good one, because she has not replied to anyone's email birthday greeting. The previous weekend was our nephew Daniel's 2nd birthday party in Smyrna. That kid partied until it was almost dark! In other birthday news, we drove all the way to Smyrna again ( miles away) to get a free birthday ... read more

Elizabeth's Birthday

( family / holmes / elizabeth / birthdays )
It's this Sunday! Just FYI if you want to send an email or call or whatever.We should have pictures up here from tomorrow's party at Chuck E. Cheese's. ... read more

Birthday Party Pics

( family / holmes / elizabeth / birthdays )
3rd birthday ... read more

Birthday Party

( family / holmes / elizabeth / birthdays )
Well, Elizabeth's birthday party is this Saturday. She'll be 3, and it'll be her first real party. It'll be outside at a covered table next to a playground in a nearby park. I can't tell you here on the Internet exactly where this park is because you might be a murderer or child molester. You know who you are.Anyway, let's hope it's better wea... read more

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